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new weighers are a \'grate\' success.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Austrian company Berglandmilch has invested in a multi-head scale and checkweigher from Ishida Europe, enabling it to accurately pack grated cheese into the bag, weighing at 1
Berglandmilch Ltd is the largest milk
A processing company in Austria
Well-known brands such as Schardinger, Desserta and fidus have a 60% market share in the cheese market.
Berglandmilch\'s Gienberg website, which operates two processing lines, is a central packaging facility for the company to produce a variety of ground cheese.
The company\'s goal is to supply the product to trade there in a re-sealable bag.
In order to weigh the grated cheese and its stickiness, Berglandmilch requires an efficient multi-head scale.
Accuracy is particularly important because every gram of excess weight in the bag means wasted products, about 40,000 euros a year.
Thanks to Berglandmilch\'s reputation as a world, he turned to Ishida Europe for solutions
Leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging technology.
Shita integrated a state. of-the-art CCW-
RS multi-head scales enter the packaging line as well as a high
Performance DACS-Wcheckweigher. The 14-CCW, head stone field-
RS scales work according to the principle of combined weighing, according to the principle of combined weighing, built-in-
In the computer, instantly calculate all possible weight combinations in the available weighing Hopper and select a combination (
Usually three to four weighing hoppers)
This is closest to the target weight.
The Hopper is made of stainless steel with relief on the surface to prevent the cheese from sticking to it. The CCW-
RS scales are used five days a week in BerglandmilchClass Threeshift mode.
For each cheese processed, 60 lbs per minute can be produced. Themulti-
The weight of the head is very precise, no more than one gram per bag of giveaway. Pre-
The touch screen makes it easy to set weight specifications for different cheese varieties, allowing for quick replacement, which means that only one or two employees are required to operate the entire packaging line.
Another benefit is that thanks to the water
The production line is designed to be sturdy and easy to access and can be cleaned quickly without using tools.
\"The precision and speed of the Ishida scale is impressive and the potential production is so high that we haven\'t been able to make the most of it yet,\" commented Alois Kronberger, production director, bogranch Ltd.
\"Investment is paid faster than we expected.
\"Shitian DACS-W check-
Weigher offers a maximum output of 270 lbs per minute and features a fully integrated metal detector. The check-
The scale provides an additional guarantee that the weight of the cheese bag is correct and there is no metal contamination.
For Berglandmilch, the main motivation to buy thechcheck is
Weigher is designed to establish an additional safeguard and prevent complaints.
\"Pollution has almost never happened, but our customers appreciate our very high safety standards,\" said Alois Kronberger.
Berglandmilch has now ordered another check.
The scale of another packaging line.
Contact number 0121 607 7700 or Ishida Europe on visitwww. ishidaeurope.
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