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new rigorous pat downs at u.s. airports are an ‘invasive feeling up,’ says aclu

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
For travelers to Boston or Las Vegas please note: your private body parts are a fair game for the new \"enhanced pat. ”The U. S.
The traffic safety authority is testing new screening procedures at Logan and McAllen airports that are \"very invasive.
This description comes from Chris kalabares, legal adviser to the American Civil Liberties Union, who opposes the new procedure.
Instead of the old way to limit the slapping on the back of the hand and make the genitals and breasts fall off
Restrictions, the new airport allows TSA agents to \"slide down\" someone\'s clothes with their palms.
\"Essentially, people are being groped,\" Calabres told The Star on Tuesday . \".
\"Inside their thighs.
The woman\'s breasts were caught.
\"If travelers refuse to go through a full-body scanning machine or start a metal detector but cannot find a source, they are candidates for\" enhanced scanning \", according to TSA blogger Bob.
\"Pat downs is designed to address potential hazardous items hidden on the body, such as improvised devices and their components,\" TSA spokesman Greg Soule said . \".
Kalabares said ACLU intends to continue to solve the problem.
He noted that after \"strong public opposition in 2004\", TSA was forced to ban its agents from touching female breasts during the search.
The issue is being discussed warmly by the Tourism Forum.
New \"slides-
Search at other airports will remain a secret.
\"Our security measures are designed to be unpredictable and constantly evaluated and updated to address changing threats,\" blog author Bob wrote on TSA\'s official blog.
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