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new melbourne airport scanner will show breasts and genitals

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Australian airport authorities have confirmed that images of the passengers\' breasts and pussy will not be covered up during the trial periodtech scanner.
Within the next six weeks, domestic travelers at Melbourne Airport will have the option to browse the airport\'s new \"virtual zone search,\" which can browse clothing and showcase people\'s private parts.
George Brennan, acting executive director of the transportation safety office, told the Herald Sun online, X-
Ray reverse scattering can invade people\'s privacy.
Because there will be \"a woman watching a woman\'s scan, a man watching a man\'s scan \".
Mr Brenan said that the face would become blurred and that the screen monitor would be away from the passenger line and would not be able to compare the face to the body.
But he said the genitals and breasts will not become blurred because it damages the machine\'s ability to detect.
\"This is not an invasive image that people will find,\" he said . \".
\"There is an obstacle between the person who sees the scanned image and the passenger, so there is noCan compare
\"Two screens are set up in the screening room, and the person guiding the passengers through the machine indicates to the screening room whether it is male or female.
\"They are set separately. . .
They are together but they can\'t see each other\'s screen.
Brennan said employees are not allowed to bring their camera phones or any other type of photographic equipment into the monitoring room.
\"It is impossible to save an image or take it out of the machine, which is physically impossible,\" he said . \".
Mr Brenan said that because the machine could not keep images, it could not be used as evidence for police investigations or court cases.
\"In the same way, you can\'t let it beep when you walk past the metal arch, and he said,\" we don\'t need to keep this image either, because this is first to prevent it from happening. \".
Further trials at Sydney and Adelaide airports will begin next week.
The scanner is optional and passengers will not be forced to enter under the machine, Mr Brenan said.
\"If the normal metal detector is turned off, one can choose between the traditional frisk mechanism and the past with a wand. . .
Alternatively, you can also go through the reverse scatter machine, \"Mr Brennan said.
Reverse scattering is a lowenergy x-
The light reflected from the skin gives a \"chalk outline\" of a person\'s body \".
Mr Brenan said that to reach the same level of radiation as medical x-rays, 1000 scans of reverse scattering would be required
Rays and 10,000 scans to reach the maximum safe radiation level recommended within a year.
These machines will work with \"rapiscan security 000\" (luggage x-
Ray machines that detect explosives in luggage.
Brennan denied that the new technology was a direct response to the British terror plot of 2006.
\"This is not a response. . .
\"It really just goes with the development of technology,\" he said . \".
Brennan said the new machines were \"a response to a trend and a way for us to protect the capacity of the Australian public to develop \".
The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization and the National Defense Science and Technology Organization recently tested these machines.
Mr Brenan said that the trial was evaluating what impact these machines might have on passenger traffic through security points.
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