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new delhi’s metro: where lineups are a pleasure

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
In New Delhi, one of the most populous cities in the world, queuing is almost unheard --
There are no cinemas, cash registers and bus stops.
The general rule is push and push-or grope —
Lead, but never line up.
Except the subway station.
The subway is a bus rapid transit system in the Indian capital. It consists of six subway lines, with a total length of about 190 kilometers and 142 stations.
Thousands of commuters use it every day. (On Aug. 19, about 2.
6 million people take the subway, the highest number ever. )
But it is indeed a shocking part: those who take the subway every day line up and cross the airport --
Style safety check in order to enter a station-any station.
These stations are considered the main terrorist targets and have always had high security.
Before the passenger passes through the revolving door, there are metal detectors and pat-
The ups and downs of paramilitary personnel, as luggage passes through x-ray machine.
Men and women have a separate line.
Working days, especially in old Delhi, it takes only 30 minutes to get to the station;
Add another 20 minutes to the office rush hour.
It usually takes 15 minutes to get in even on weekends.
All of this is for the train.
But it is cheap, fast, and reliable to a large extent.
\"I\'m glad to pass these checks (rather)
It\'s more important than driving on Delhi roads, \"said Vidya Shakuri, who works at the HSBC branch in central Delhi and takes the subway every day from her home in southern Delhi.
She takes about 25 minutes by subway.
Or if she drives, it takes more than two hours in traffic.
The fare is calculated based on where you get on and off, but the cost from one end of the city to the other is less than $1;
In most cases, it takes only a few cents for a short trip.
Chaguri is waiting to enter the Barakhamba metro station in the heart of Delhi. It’s about 4 p. m.
On Tuesday, the lineup was acceptable: she had dozens of women in front of her, and the queue was moving briskly.
The same is true of the men\'s team, which is much longer.
If not armed, cruel.
\'Looking at the security officers at the station, no one will line up, \'Mr. shaguri said.
\"But they are there and they don\'t tolerate any nonsense. . .
Thank God, otherwise the Metro in Delhi will be as chaotic as anywhere else.
This is the only place I know people are waiting in line for their turn.
\"The subway is also relatively safe for women.
A few years ago, there were no cars designated for women.
But there are a lot of complaints about sexual harassment, a few years ago.
Before a notorious caseyear-
On a bus in Delhi, a medical student was brutally raped and killed
The first two cars of each train are reserved for women.
\"All my friends are on the subway,\" Sayuri said . \"
Only cars and security are worth putting up with the airport-style lineups. “Anytime.
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