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netanyahu government presents: excuses, excuses and more excuses

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
In the life of a person or a country, there is a specific stage in which excuses become a passionate belief.
Israel has the right in the past two yearsWing government.
No one is politically undermining any firm diplomatic action.
There were no left-wingers in the parliamentary vote, and there was no shortage of people.
Life is said to be sweet, all it needs is to make decisions and implement them --
Until the last metal detector.
For years, I have been writing about the steps that the state of Israel should take.
The list is long: The Governance of Negev and Galilee, and the enforcement of laws in the Arab sector
Wage war against Arab nationalists with Israeli identity cards, annex the Jordan Valley and settlements, build in Jerusalem, and turn the Temple Mount from third to third --
A world religious shrine in Israel\'s sovereign-controlled region.
Some of these things can be carried out, and as long as there is a desire to carry out these things, others will lead to Arab reaction and diplomatic pressure on Israel.
Without the price tag, there is no action in the real world.
Even a decision that has not been made will have to pay a price, sometimes even a high price.
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Nothing on the right-
The way the government.
All it has to do is make decisions and implement them (Photo: Reuters)
This is an excuse.
In any case, regardless of the circumstances of the shooting and the percentage of injuries, he would not stay there.
When excuses become a belief, an event that should be resolved quietly and forgotten is accompanied by an opportunity and statement to take pictures.
I suspect that Israel will respond so politely to a security guard killing his landlord at an event. A local doctor.
This gap between Statement and reality requires a selfexamination.
It begins with a focus on the edge issue over the past two years.
A large part of our public speech is directed at the left.
Wing organization.
Almost every political statement mentions the new Israeli fund, the left and the silence.
They are all worthy of criticism and public movement, I believe.
The new Israeli Fund supports some despicable organizations.
It supports many other valuable organizations)
Unfortunately, breaking the silence is hurting Israel on the international stage and the left does not agree with me.
It is a proper battle, but it is not something that the government and the Prime Minister should deal with in the media.
You become addicted when you focus too much on an edge issue.
What do you do when there is no left-wing involvement?
You have other excuses.
The lowest point last week was an attempt to blame the zigzag policy on defense agencies.
We do not need the research department of the military intelligence agency or Xinbao to tell us that the decision related to the Temple Mount has the potential to explode.
All we have to do is study history, or simply open up Wikipedia reading.
A person who does not know this should not be a decision maker.
The defense agency\'s job is to present the scene, including the most difficult one.
The decision maker\'s job is to decide, know that there is a price, and-in my opinion—
For the sake of peace and tranquility in the future, it was decided to pay a price for it.
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