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myleene klass reveals she has banned weighing scales in her house - so her daughters don\'t think \'their worth comes down to numbers\'

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Myleene Klass revealed that she has banned weighing at home
Make sure her daughters know their true value.
The 40-year-old host said she was very mindful of the language used in front of 10-year-old Ava and 7-year-old heroes. The mother-of-
The two explained that she didn\'t want them to think their value came down to numbers, adding that she wanted them to focus on their brains.
The numbers are \"unimportant\" to some extent, says Myleene, but she adds that she wants her daughter to be \"healthy \".
In an interview with Metro, Myleene said: \"I pay great attention to the language [I use]
I don\'t allow fish scales at home.
I don\'t want them to think their value comes down to numbers.
This is their brain, what they say and what they think.
They are one person, they are complete.
The numbers on the balance are insignificant.
She added: \"But I do want them to be in good health, in good health, jumping around on clothes they choose to wear and not feeling conscious.
As we all know, myleene is a fitness enthusiast who has designed her own family exercise program for other women.
TV celebrities have recently squeezed into a child\'s T-
Other mothers accused her of setting a bad example.
She shared photos of her wearing a new T-shirt on social media
Shirt Design for her mom care series My K
Along with this photo, Myleene commented: \"A size of the 7th was successfully squeezed8!
When you have to have it
However, other mothers admitted that she was T-shirt herself.
Someone wrote on Instagram: \"As an adult woman, she is proud of her fit for the size of the 7th --
Nothing to be proud.
She added: \"Maybe not a model for an adult woman for a child, she said she was squeezed to the 7th --
This completely sends the wrong message to children/adolescents and women who struggle daily with physical/weight insecurity.
Another netizen commented: \"I must agree. . . . . .
I believe I can squeeze into a child\'s t.
But this is not a good example.
\"What a wonderful, positive and powerful T on the positive side.
Children\'s shirts, though!
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