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michael jackson trial: 10 things you won\'t see on tv

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
So far, you may have seen our report on the trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson\'s private physician.
If not, you can see the highlights here.
As I got the media pass for the manslaughter trial, I had the opportunity to see and hear what happened --camera.
Here are 10 things you can\'t see on TV: 1.
The Jackson family received VIP treatment: From the moment members of the Jackson family arrived at the court in a black sedan, the sheriff\'s representative provided protection for the family.
No one is allowed to enter the ninth session.
Until each member of the family sits in their area on the second row of long chairs;
I watched the Washington Post before Wednesday\'s show. A.
Brazil walked into the gallery and shook hands with Catherine.
When asking for a break, the bailiff allows the family to leave before releasing the rest. 2.
The jury is very concerned: most of the 12 membersmember jury (
And five alternate)
Record in detail and keep a close eye on all the testimony, especially the audio and video evidence played.
They look like ordinary people.
No gorgeous clothes and shoes
And focus on litigation. 3. Dr.
Murray\'s chief lawyer is disorganized: Murray\'s short-lived state of Texas --
Ed Chernoff\'s lead lawyer wrote messy notes on the yellow legal mat, often flipping through the page at will, leaving the impression that he was flying in his pants seat. 4.
The prosecution looked organized: both prosecutors took slides, recordings, and concert rehearsal footage, tidied up their notes, asked witnesses in an orderly manner, and acted like a well-organized person.
Guide NFL teams to execute their game plans. 5.
Murray exudes relaxed charm: think about what you want for a man\'s bedside attitude, 6-foot, 5-
Inches it\'s easy and calm for cardiologists to get in and out of court, more like presidential candidates than doctors who are being sued. 6.
The court was crowded. and Tapped)
: About 50 members of the public, media and family sit on four rows of long chairs. Most media (
Including myself)
Allows to take notes on your laptop, which provides a constant ambient sound for tapping keyboard keys. Five bailiffs (
One behind the bullet. Glass resistant)
Observe observers like eagles so they don\'t use their phones or take pictures. 7.
The court is high.
Safe Area: Unlike the other floors of the building, the 9th floor requires everyone to go through a metal detector and pass through the X-ray machine (
Except that the first security level is the same --floor entrance).
The bailiffs are so persistent that they are not allowed to wear M. J.
Commemorative armband
I also saw a fan forced to take off a silver glitter glove before entering court. 8.
The Jackson family take-out: fam has been ordering and eating in the private room after 90 s.
Lunch break. (
They had Chinese food on Wednesday. )9.
The judge seems annoyed with the defense: in some cases, whether in weighing the objections or in the sidebar conversation, there is no
Pointless judge Michael Paster yelling at the attack.
Dog defense lawyer Chernoff10.
The Jackson family sits very close to the jury: I sit directly behind Janet and Randy myself, and I can prove that the family\'s seat is directly visible --
Lined up with jurors.
Troy Slaten, a criminal defense lawyer, said whether this would affect their judgment \"it could be their hope \".
\"I\'m sure part of their purpose there is to remind jurors that the person they love has died in the hands of the doctor.
I think they absolutely want to influence the jury. \"—
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