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metal detectors to improve safety, efficiency at bridgestone arena

by:Kenwei      2019-09-02
When Nashville Predator fans arrive at Bridgestone Arena this fall, they will be able to get into the building faster, more important and safer than ever before.
Just one of the many improvements made throughout the arena during the offseason, the metal detector will be at 2015-
Ensure the safety of every customer in the building.
Speaking of the new metal detectors, David chaverwell, vice president of event operations, said: \"This unit will be consistent with everyone who has traveled . \".
\"It will be more consistent, people will come in faster and it will be safer for our guests.
\"Guests only need to browse the new equipment as they do at the airport or other facilities.
As for the convenience factor, the phone is the only common item that needs to be removed before entering;
Wallets, keys and other small items can be placed in your pocket.
The phone can simply be placed in a bucket, passing through and collecting once on the other side of the metal detector.
If the machine does catch something, then the day of having to search the person\'s entire body with a wand is over.
Instead, the metal detector is smart enough to identify the approximate vicinity of the item.
\"The reason we chose this model is that it\'s the fastest unit to reset, to get people through, to realize that you don\'t have to take everything out of your pocket, which is smart enough, \"said Chad well.
\"The side of this unit also has panels with lights, so it will alert in specific areas, whether it is below the knee, waist, shoulder, just find that area to alarm
You can quickly search for it with your wand so you don\'t have to go up and down the whole body.
The metal detector is also ADA-
Guests who use pacemakers or other equipment can enter safely as required.
However, guests can still ask to be treated fairly or photographed if they wish.
Chadwell says Preds season
When ticket holders come to Bridgestone Arena, they will be given clear luggage that they can use if they wish.
Using a clear bag will provide another way to get into the building quickly and efficiently, but if guests can come down to the arena without using the bag, Chadwell recommends choosing this.
\"No luggage is the fastest way to get into the game,\" says chaverwell . \".
\"We are also looking for lines that don\'t have bags, a bit like express lines.
\"All entrances to the arena will be equipped with metal detectors, including the main entrance at the corner of Fifth Avenue.
There are also Broadway and the entrance to Nissan sobrio. The Fifth Ave.
Team Store, as well as parking and Sixth Avenue.
Fans can also choose the entrance to enter the building.
\"These changes in metal detectors will benefit all of our guests,\" Chadwell said . \".
\"Safety is always our top priority, and fans of the Bridgestone Arena will now be safer than ever before.
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