metal detectors installed at manitoba legislative building

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
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Visitors attending the Manitoba legislature questioning period were asked to pass the metal detector for the first time on Wednesday, as the legislative session took place at three-month break.
\"We think it\'s time to catch up with other provinces.
We know that almost every province has better security measures than we do, \"said Myrna Driedger, Speaker of the House who developed the measure.
Metal detectors have not yet been installed at the main entrance of the Manitoba Legislative Building itself.
The new security measures apply only to those who wish to view the legislative assembly process from the visitor gallery.
\"The purpose is to make sure that people entering the gallery feel safe in our building,\" Driedger said . \".
One afternoon in last October, while MLAs was sitting there, the legislative building had to be evacuated as officials received a call later called the \"Crank Phone.
Driedger said the incident itself did not lead to new security measures.
For her, she said, the watershed moment was 2014 shooting incidents on Capitol Hill in Ottawa.
A gunman hit a soldier at the ceremony, entered the central block and was eventually shot dead by police.
\"I know I\'m here (legislative)
When the Ottawa incident happened, I saw the fear in the building, \"Driedger said in an interview at her office on Wednesday.
When she was elected Speaker of the House in 2016, she made improving the security of the building a priority.
However, her terms of reference do not go beyond the chamber;
The safety of the building falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.
A committee is now reviewing future safety measures for the entire building and its site.
A new law enacted in last October allows building security personnel to carry out weapons inspections of people entering the legislative building.
Security officials can now also ask people entering the building to show their ID cards.
If a person refuses to verify their identity or is checked for weapons, the security guard may refuse them to enter the building.
On Wednesday, before entering the visitor gallery on the third floor of the building, visitors screened by metal detectors appeared to generally support the new measure.
\"I\'m not in trouble.
\"I would rather be safe than apologize,\" said Margaret feilik, who opposed the government\'s decision in the legislature to charge Manitobans for a sleep-suspended machine.
Cynthia dorksson, who often attends the questioning period, also takes a positive attitude towards this.
\"I have no problem.
It provides security, right? \" she said.
Driedger says groups visiting the school do not have to go through metal detectors, but enter the visit Gallery through separate doors.
An official later clarified that this applies only to groups registered in the legislature\'s tourist tourism program in advance. larry. Gushi @ freepress. mb.
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