metal detectors come to saddledome

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
Your Calgary Flame ticket now has a chance to be searched.
Over the next few weeks, the metal detector will reach the saddle-shaped entrance, which means that those attending the event must be more careful about the content of their pockets and wallets.
According to CTV News, Fire fans saw new safety machines on Thursday night, although they were not yet in use.
\"These measures are consistent with the measures implemented at other NHL venues and most of the large public assembly sites in North America,\" said in a handout to fans before the match last night, a Canadian Broadcasting Company News report. Flames vice-
Peter Hanlon, Communications president, told Calgary Metro that all detectors will be installed and activated within a month and he said the security update is Alliance
Authorized by NHL.
Officials acknowledge that new screening measures may slow down the queue of people waiting to enter the door.
However, Calgary Flame pair
Libby Raynes, president of construction operations, told the Calgary Herald that the calibration frequency of these machines will be lower than airport security checks, so game lovers don\'t have to worry about taking off their shoes or emptying change from their pockets.
In addition, people should expect the chance to check bags and wallets.
\"Guests are not encouraged to bring luggage or items that need to be checked into the venue because our goal is to speed up access as much as possible,\" the handout said . \".
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