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metal detectors and x-ray machines - security products for screening

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
Two types of safety products have led the practice of inspecting people and property that may be at risk or prohibited. The X-
Ray scanning systems and metal detectors are two techniques used by the entire Security Department to screen access to airports, prisons, banks and other VIP areas --
They are most likely the only system most people are familiar.
The main benefit of these systems is a common feature of most technical solutions --
They eliminated most of the range of people who were wrong in security checks.
In most of their applications, such as airport security, they also mean that a large number of people can be effectively handled without compromising security protocols.
In fact, these systems are more convenient and functional than physical search.
Not only is this because most physical searches are largely perfunctory, but they can also be disruptive searches on a large scale, depending on the situation (
Imagine if everyone has to open their luggage at the airport and repack it)
But also because physical search has to exhaust all possible hiding places one by one. With an X-
The machine, which you can see in your luggage and luggage, or in the objects contained in it --
Not tearing them apart.
Items that look very normal on the outside usually contain contraband or even explosive devices when passing through X-
These objects can be quickly identified by trained staff.
Similarly, the metal detector can easily control access to the safety zone separately.
Guns, knives, conventional explosives and other metal products
No matter how well the metal detector is hidden, it is impossible to sneak through the rich equipment.
Even if someone had implanted the device through surgery
Needless to say, this is a very far-fetched scenario --
If an alarm is not issued and the attention of security personnel is drawn, they will not be able to pass through the metal detector.
These systems are so effective in security checks that in most cases they will never really detect dangerous equipment (though X-
X-ray machines at the airport often find alcohol, tobacco or other items before customs inspection ). .
This is because the only way around them is usually to avoid them completely, so they are essentially the highest deterrent and almost certain --
Catch the Fire way of those who are too reckless to stop.
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