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metal detectors and treasure hunting for fathers and sons

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
Metal detectors, electronic miracles, add a whole new dimension to the hobby of treasure hunting.
You\'re a father outside.
Do you think this is a very interesting activity that you can enjoy with your son (
Or daughter ).
I mean, little boys or girls don\'t like the idea of finding treasures here.
Every one of the metal detectors outside had a young man come over and ask him, what did you do? The curiosity of the child was aroused.
Use the machine in your hand to find money.
That\'s cool, he thinks.
The kids want to go and see what you find.
They will even come to you on their own initiative.
Fathers are often looking for things related to their children, especially things that both sides can enjoy equally.
So, dad, think about the metal detection of the treasure.
If you are an ordinary person, you may find the whole idea interesting.
Maybe you started for your son or daughter, but I have to warn you --
You may be addicted!
As a father and a treasure seeker, I know how boys like to tag, dig, and even learn to use detectors themselves.
They were as excited as I was when that beautiful coin appeared.
Even if there are often garbage discoveries, such as house keys, rusty knives, etc. , the pleasure of discovery still exists.
I once found a silver children\'s drinking cup underground.
When it showed up, it got some surprises and surprises after I explained what it was (
Somehow it was razed to the ground).
At first glance, it is like a pile of garbage.
So we have a little silver treasure to show for our efforts.
Coin shooting on parks, school grounds and sidewalks (street side)
To father-
Young people have some good beginnings, but there will be more places to come as hobbies grow.
Sometimes you can show your young people how to be a good neighbor by finding lost items such as jewelry for friends and acquaintances.
There can be a lot of delicious things in the yard.
When you go to the river or the beach as a family, pack your detector and add a layer to your enjoyment.
The good thing about treasure hunting with metal detectors is that it doesn\'t need to spend an arm and a leg to get involved.
You can buy one for $200 or less.
A pretty good one that can provide less service to your child.
Once you start training your child how to use your machine, he will soon want his own machine.
Then it becomes more fun when you go out together for a friendly match.
Who can find the best coins, who can find the coins of the father of the best treasure, please consider.
You will not be disappointed in my experience.
Will you find a lot of treasure with your metal detector?
But, above all, you will be more connected to your young people than ever before.
This is the real wealth.
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