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metal detectors: tips for proper operation and maintenance

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
Careful design and operation can eliminate the possibility of metal contamination, therefore, metal detectors are regarded as key parts of the manufacturing process and production line for locating and rejecting contaminated products.
A metal detector is placed on the production line so that the product can flow through the aperture inside the detector.
When the product enters the inspection room, the sensor detects the pollutant immediately.
The sensor also sends a signal to the removal device to remove contaminants.
Therefore, proper installation, operation and maintenance of metal detectors are necessary to ensure that they can detect and reject contaminated materials for a long time.
So here are some tips that will help you achieve long-term and efficient performance.
Useful tips for proper operation and maintenance of metal detectors the way to install the detector is that it has the least vibration, since even low-intensity vibrations can affect sensitive materials for detector detection and rejection of contamination.
Even, make sure that the equipment is not installed on any equipment, such as a mixer, that may cause vibration; feeders, etc.
Enable the function of identifying and eliminating vibration signals in metal detectors.
Make sure your detector does not receive the power of any noise or ripple, as it affects the ability of the detector to sense signal changes.
Metal detectors are designed to detect minimum signal changes due to contaminated products, but any kind of noise in the power cord affects the detector\'s ability to effectively detect contaminants.
The frequency conversion AC driver emits a large amount of emc noise that interferes with the metal detector sensing device to reject the wrong product.
They are used to control the speed of the processing equipment, but if they affect the metal detectors, turn them off immediately.
However, you can also use an external noise booster in your device to eliminate emc noise.
Ensure that the delivery system is not contaminated with any metal objects.
The conveyor belt is usually the main source of pollution of the product.
Therefore, regularly check the belt of the conveyor on the production line.
To ensure excellent performance, regular monitoring and maintenance of metal detectors is necessary.
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