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metal detectorist unearths stunning £15,000 gold hat pin from 1485 which may have belonged to king edward iv

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
An amateur metal detective found a gold hat pin worth £ 15,000, which may belong to King Edward IV, who was ruled in the 15th century.
Lisa Grace, 42, found a medieval gem in its original state while looking for a nearest gem
Cultivated land in Lincoln County.
It is believed that the pin is associated with the royal family, as Edward IV and his circle wore surprisingly similar things during his two Kings reign from 1460 to 1483.
Experts believe that the jewelry was made in the late 15th century and was designed as a bright sun --
Personal symbol of Edward IV
They thought the piece might have been lost in the battle.
His first rule was full of power struggles and conflicts, and there were many conflicts in the region.
Scroll down to watch the video, the center of the work is a piece of purple crystal stone, another piece of the king\'s favorite, which makes some experts speculate that it may be Edward IV lost himself
The pin is very similar to a very similar gem depicted on Edward IV\'s hat, which is preserved in the Calvette Museum in Avignon, France.
Grace MS said she was shocked when she found it a few inches from the ground.
When I found it, she said, the gem was not underground at all because the land had recently been plowed.
Experts say they have experienced early interest from collectors and museums and are looking forward to a 10,000 to 15,000 offer.
Mr. Wenger from Duke said: \"The jewelry is indeed very similar to the jewelry in a well --
The famous picture of Edward IV came from the museum.
He also said that it may also belong to a courtier.
In fact, we will never know, but it clearly belongs to a high-standing person in the upper middle ages.
Ms. Grace said: To be honest, my initial reaction was \"What the hell is this ? \"? \'\' -
I don\'t know.
I didn\'t find out how special it was until later I called some friends and did some research.
\"The possibility that it may belong to the royal family is amazing, and even if it does not belong to the royal family, it will belong to people with high status.
Ms. Grace has now listed the pins for sale, which will be auctioned at Duke auction house in Dorchester, Dorset.
The jewelry remains in an amazing state and will be sold at the auction house on April 26.
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