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metal detectorist finds viking treasure in britain

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
LONDON (Reuters)-
A pile of Viking coins, silver and jewelry may provide new clues to the history of the British Kingdom after the British Amateur metal detector finds the British kingdom.
186 yuan, seven pieces of jewelry, silver ingot, is 870s of AD
In today\'s UK, King Saxon has begun to counter the expansion of pirates in the UK.
\"This hoarding comes from a critical moment in British history,\" said Gareth Williams, curator of the Early Medieval mint at the British Museum . \".
On October, Detective James Mather discovered the treasure described by archaeologists as \"national\" in waterington, Oxfordshire, and his discovery was announced at the British Museum in London on Thursday.
Vikings have been attacking Britain.
The Saxons have been in Britain today since the late 8th century, but at the end of the 9th century, Essex king al Fred, Al Fred the Great defeated the Viking army in the battle of Idington in southwest England
It was a turning point that eventually led to the UK
The Saxons unified power into the Kingdom of England in the 10th century.
The discovery includes rare coins from the Kingdom of Mercia in Wessex, Alfred, and King Ceolwulf II.
It also includes Viking Arms.
Ring and silver ingot.
\"This reserve has the potential to provide important new information about the relationship between melsey and Wessex,\" Williams said . \".
These treasures will now be assessed through an investigation in which the coroner will decide whether it can be formally regarded as a treasure.
If so, the ashmolin Museum in Oxford has expressed interest in helping to present it.
This discovery is one of many discoveries made annually by the public.
The findings are recorded by the UK\'s portable Heritage program and can be viewed online.
More than 100,000 archaeological discoveries were reported to the program in 2014, and 1,008 were declared treasures.
90% of the treasure was discovered with metal detectors.
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