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metal detector uncovers woman\'s wedding ring that she lost 15 years ago

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Armstrong ine Armstrong almost gave up the hope of finding her lost wedding ring.
It slipped off her finger with her engagement ring about 15 years ago, but she wasn\'t sure exactly where it was.
Two weeks ago, Armstrong found her engagement ring while digging a garden in her home.
When she and her husband were looking for her wedding ring in the garden in the backyard, it triggered another search, but again, bad luck.
That was when she called Robert Unik, a metal detector expert who recorded his findings on Facebook.
After searching for about 45 minutes, Unik\'s Machine received a signal from the Armstrong gold ring.
\"It\'s like a treasure you lost, and then you find it again,\" Armstrong said . \".
This is not the first ring that Unik found.
People often ask him to look for lost valuables on their property, and over the years he estimates he has found hundreds, from the precious jewelry of Armstrong to the rubbish ring of pure emotional value.
After he found the ring, Unik said Armstrong was willing to pay him $100, but he only accepted $20 to pay for his gas.
\"It\'s not the idea of making money for what we do.
\"This is the joy of finding something and returning it,\" he said . \".
He did, however, have a suggestion for Armstrong\'s husband.
\"I mentioned it to my husband.
I said you should get down on your knees and propose again.
\"Armstrong\'s ring was a bit loose after she said her husband made them too much.
When she first noticed that they were missing, she thought maybe they had fallen into the sewer at her school as a teacher.
But after the doorman took the drain apart and did not find the ring, she did not know where the ring might be.
Armstrong said that since she had taken them back, she was afraid to put them on because it was possible for them to slide down again.
Apart from having some dirt under the claws of the diamond, she said, the wedding ring is in very good condition.
\"It\'s amazing that gold is so shiny,\" she said . \".
Unik is a member of about 180 metal exploration enthusiasts.
He said that most of the parks and Boulevard around the city have passed, so he is always looking for new properties to look.
Unik found a rare item with his metal detector with a Swedish coin from 1600, which he found at the Loni Beach near Gimli, Man.
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