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metal detector sales strike gold after \'holy grail\' of shipwrecks found

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
According to top U. S. Media reports, after the discovery of the shipwreck on the coast of Colombia \"Holy Stone\", the online sales of metal detectors increased significantlyS.
RetailerKellyco metal detectorsbacked inWinter Springs, Florida.
\"We have 20 sales people answering calls, and the average call time has increased from 8 minutes to 18 minutes,\" said David Albach, president of Kellyco . \".
\"Demand for metal detectors surged as gold prices soared (
SeeWSJ article metal probe hits JackpotfromJuly 30,2016)
This is also true when major discoveries are announced.
\"One of the greatest discoveries of underwater heritage in human history,\" said Colombian President Juan Manual Santos, the discovery of San Jose, destroyed by the British in 1708, \"even if it is not the largest, it is the greatest, as some have said-the discovery and identification of underwater heritage in human history.
According to Albach, San Jose will continue to stimulate demand for metal detectors in the next few years.
\"They just found the wreck.
They haven\'t been rescued yet, and once they start bringing gold and treasure-these announcements can\'t help but stir up the interest of financial director Hunter among all of us.
Other event-driven peak demand for metal detectors dates back to 1960
1964 when Spanish silver coins were found on the beach of the Financial Times.
A man pierced Florida with the remaining military mine detectors.
\"Discovery\" led to the discovery of the remains of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet, which caused a lot of publicity on national television and newspapers and magazines around the world.
Onaug21, a subsidiary of cnn wptv, 2015, was excited when it reported $4.
5 million kilograms of gold were found in shallow water.
\"Like winning prizes under water, gold coins slowly reveal themselves through sand in a few feet of water 15 feet from the coast.
William Bartlett and the 1715 Fleet Queen\'s jewelry salvage team counted more than 300 coins worth $4 as soon as they landed. 5 million.
Can you find treasure without leaving the office?
\"If you don\'t want to get your hands dirty, Codan Limited, based in Adelaide, South Australia, is public --
It is widely regarded as a trade manufacturer of Minelab metal detectors of the \"Rolls Royce\" standard.
Gary Drayton, who wrote \"metal exploration of Spanish treasures\", said his best findings include emerald ring (
At the top of this article)
It was made with the sword of Minelab products.
According to its key statistics page at Yahoo Finance, kangdan has $21.
EBTIDA\'s 7 million, $42.
Length 5 million-
Term debt, valued at $122. 2 million (7. 2x EBTIDA).
According to data from the Codan investor relations website, 51% of sales come from the metal testing department-which means it\'s not pure --play.
Given its relatively small size and the risk of settling outside the United StatesS.
These stocks are likely to be of considerable value today.
If demand continues to soar, as olbach has called for, there may be some benefits.
How can I get into the field of metal detection, what is the secret of success?
\"There is no machine that can do anything and the price will be different.
\"A decent machine price point is about $500 for people who come in, and for someone who wants to be\" serious \"about this hobby, the price will rise to thousands,\" says Albach.
\"The rule of thumb is that there is no straight line on the bottom of the sea for tugboat underwater detectors and side sweep sonar-so that\'s exactly what you want.
One thing I \'ve seen in the successful treasure seekers is that they are great researchers.
\"Gary De reton found the treasure ring of the Spanish 1715 fleet and wrote\" metal exploration of the Spanish treasure, \"Orbach said. What\'s next? Simply put -
Lots of eye sugar.
Once the salvage process begins, I can\'t wait to see photos of gold coins and treasures!
It also depends on the stock of haokangdan.
There may be something there.
Disclosure: I am 3 consultant for Kellyco email
Business performance company
This article expresses my point of view, not that of my employer BGSA.
I don\'t trade stocks to avoid conflicts of interest.
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