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metal detector enthusiast unearths thousands of historic items on vancouver island

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Ten years ago, Tim Bakassi got his metal detector as a birthday present from his children, and within the first hour of his use of the machine, he was shocked to find out from1800s.
\"It\'s enough to be attracted and want to find the next thing,\" he said of the big Victoria Willow Beach.
\"It\'s like a dose of dopamine.
\"Ten years later, Barkasy said the cumulative bonus of hidden history in the southern part of Vancouver Island.
Barkasy is a trade plumber, but above all, she likes to make his ideas go with his machine \"bleeding\" and \"blips\" through a pair of headphones
He said he found thousands of things.
Many of them have historical significance and value.
Search on island Park and Beach.
Coins from all over the world \"when I found a gold coin from 1901, I couldn\'t believe it,\" Barkasy raised a barely
American coins dotted with the Statue of Liberty. \"Ninety-
Nine of the people who do this hobby can never be found.
Barkasy found coins from all over the world
Fiji, Britain, Mexico, for example.
He found an American coin on his high school campus in 1841. \"[I\'ve found]
Medal, token, master key, old brand-
\"Pick up the container and the old bullet,\" he said . \"
According to Barkasy\'s Facebook page, it is part of the local metal Detection Club, which has about 400 members.
Barkasy said he and the \"six other guys\" consider themselves some of the more extreme fans, and addinghe now spends at least 360 days a year hunting.
Local historian John Adams said he was not surprised that the land in the old port city might have more history than elsewhere. C.
In addition to the indigenous people who trade goods on the Island, British colonists have also begun to settle in the central region.
1800, Adams said, could \"discard\" their items.
N said rare discoveries are no longer buried but still cherishedL. metal-
Victoria astfort Victoria, founded in 1843 by Hudson Bay, also attracted fur traders to bring their goods to the island.
A few years later, the Royal Navy established its position in Esquimalt, and the British Marines set out from the country where they had previously been stationed.
Many of them must carry the international currency, Adams said.
Grant Kaidi, an archaeologist at Royal B. C.
The museum said a project is currently being carried out along the port of Esquimalt to retrieve a large number of marine artifacts.
\"There are a lot of things related to the history of the Navy . . . . . . For example, the bronze plaque on the ship, the key to their radiation room.
\"Everything itself has a story,\" says Keddie . \".
\"The bottom of all the entrances around big Victoria may have absolutely rich information.
In the 19th century, many residents will throw their rubbish into the banks and oceans, where a \"dump has been built over time.
\"These are things that we want to keep, especially if there is something 1850 or 60 years old,\" he said . \".
Cunningham, who discovered old penny on a metal detector on the property keddieagessouth Island, passionately brought their artwork into the inspection and catalogue.
Barkasy said he has sent many items to the museum, including the 1947 Canadian Briar champion ring he shipped to the Ottawa museum.
\"If it\'s something specific to someone, then it\'s no problem for me to send it back to them.
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