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melbourne firefighters in blood study

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Melbourne firefighters will donate blood and plasma regularly as part of the world
The first study of reducing chemicals in their systems. A 12-
A one-month clinical pilot study conducted through Macquarie University will examine whether regular donations reduce the level of polyfluoride or PFAS in the blood of firefighters.
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade announced on Monday that about 350 firefighters and staff were taking part.
PFAS is a group of manufacturing chemicals that are resistant to heat, water and oil and are often used to include non-
Cookware, fabric and food packaging.
But it is still being used in some fire foam, which makes firefighters reach a higher level than the public.
MFB chief officer Dan Stephens said that while Victoria currently has no legislation restricting the use of PFAS, the brigade has its own exposure restrictions on crew and equipment purification projects.
The study was recognized by the American fire union.
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