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meet the 8 hottest publicly traded marijuana companies

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Correction: Details of the Mentor Capital investment fund have been removed after departmental observers questioned the figures. ]
Over the past year, pot has been legal in both states, legalizing, conditional or medical regulations in more states, and ganja startups are gaining traction ---
If other countries are legalized, there is great potential for growth.
According to data from consulting and financial services firm Viridian Capital & Research, pot shares have risen 147% so far this year, easily beating the more modest gains in S & P.
Which companies do well?
The company has released a report on the cannabis industry, tracking the progress of listed companies in emerging industries.
Now, they\'re all trading too much. the-
Counter, but pay attention to change.
Given that the product is still illegal, it\'s a crazy Western atmosphere in the industry.
In recent months, some cannabis companies have been forced to stop trading, financial industry regulators (FINRA)
Continue to actively discourage investors from investing their money in cannabis stocks.
Viridian notes that some startups lack professional management, board of directors or proper financial control ---
So due diligence is important.
Despite various reasons to avoid cannabis stocks, some cannabis companies have impressed investors.
Viridian divides publicly traded companies into ten business types.
Three starts slow this year. -cannabis-
Real estate, security services and software-
The stock value of other companies has at least doubled or more.
It\'s no surprise that the hottest area now is consulting (
Industry-wide growth of 665% as of third quarter of 2014).
There is no doubt that many companies want advice on how to get into the industry.
Second place is marijuana.
Related Biotechnology (up 339%).
Not surprisingly, several of the hot stocks outside the gate are not start-ups, but are turning their focus to established businesses in marijuana.
Investors do like recorded investments.
In the first three quarters of 2014, which companies have the best stock returns?
Here is a list of the best performers first (
Full disclosure: I do not trade any excessthe-counter stocks):1.
Acquisition and development (+3,100%)--This red-hot, Miami-
Medical expenses provided by headquarters consulting company-
Savings plan for people who want to accept alternative medical care--
Less than $20 a month, subscribers receive a substantial discount on the prescribed weed fee.
Last month, Novus launched its health plan benefits network to the state where the medical pot is legal, and hired another industry start-up organic grower, TKO Organics, to plant and distribute patients\' gan in seven states2.
Bioceuticals Abattis Corp. (+1,600%)--
B from Vancouver. C.
Abattis provides growers with planting systems, extraction equipment and consulting services.
The company raised $3 million in private equity this year and made a massive acquisition.
Abattis acquired the fertilizer formula from a company that is interested in cannabis testing --
The Laboratory of Physical analysis and one-
Pay for the third share of the company.
Last month, however, Abattis filed a lawsuit against former Phytalytics executives claiming they had set up a rival company. 3.
Joint cannabis company(+1,025%)--
Cannabis consulting and products
Since California first allowed prescription drugs for marijuana in 1999, manufacturers have been consulting medical marijuana companies.
Manchester United are seeking a super patent
It developed powerful marijuana pills. The Denver-
The Jamaican-based company even held a consultation show last month for Jamaican government officials considering the non-criminal operation. (
Who knows it\'s not legal? )4.
Cannabis company(+969%)--
Product maker cannabis recently acquired cannabis research and development company Kush and named it the top two
New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is president and CEO of the merged company.
Johnson was once a presidential candidate for a Liberal Party, and his president, Steve Cuby, joined in, and Cuby has been a Liberal candidate for California\'s governor.
Cannabis sells its goods in the name of \"hi\", starting with its hi-lozenges.
I bet a lot of other startups will want them to grab the brand first, or their trendy slogan: \"Higher-conscious products. \"5. mCig, Inc. (+244%)--Seattle-
Regional herbal cigarettes and evaporation-
Device maker mCig is adjusting his pocket
Size techniques for cannabis use.
The advantage of these devices is to allow the user to breathe in the evaporated product, not the lungsdamaging smoke. 6.
Greensboro technology (+225%)--
Greengro, a retailer in Anaheim, California
Raised $875,000 in a private placement agency.
The company acquired the retailer Vertical hydro and reopened on the 3 th, the first of the planned franchise chains.
Greensboro is also doing more than one.
Phase sourcing of construction companies for future expansion.
Like most product industries, the retail sector is huge ---
This is the largest department of Dian cannabis. stock index. 7. TerraTech Corp. (+157%)--
This hotel in Irvine, California-
Local-based growers and retailers are turning to cannabis cultivation and are getting the most financing out of any listed company in the industry, eventually getting $6.
€ 00 debt financing in February 5.
TerraTech is developing a research and cannabis extraction facility for the medical cannabis market.
The company also works with vaporizer company Vaporin to produce cannabis
Vending machines for products in the medical market. 8.
Mentor Capital Limited(+155%)--Silicon-
Mentor, a Silicon Valley investment firm, dates back to 1985, but now it has moved from cancer treatment to marijuana.
The company has invested heavily in cannabis companies, such as the $2 million announced in June to fund industry marketing and research firm cannabis propaganda machines.
Mentor also provided $100,000 in seed funding for the Nevada cannabis business, which aims to be number one
The movers in that state
On the other hand, Mentor filed a lawsuit last month against Bhang Chocolates, a cannabis food company, for the return of $1. 5 million.
There is no doubt that all of these different sectors of the cannabis economy will face huge consolidation as startups are vying for a fraction of the size so far --sized market.
But if the states continue to legalize and non-criminal, these early promoters in the field
Can flourish.
It\'s not common to have a new industry in the United States. S.
Therefore, some investors are obviously willing to gamble, and they may choose a big winner in the lottery. WATCH --
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