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meet ‘gun’ naveen, an ‘arms dealer’ for the movies

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
It\'s just another day for Naveen Raj to work, or as he knows in the film industry, \"gunnaveen \".
Between phone calls, when a particularly disturbing news caught his attention, he found time to browse the news channel.
A police officer interviewed after discovering a time bomb in a temple in Kumbakonam, when he was very panicked --
Officials who were attacked say religious violence or terrorism is a possible cause.
At first, Navin hurried through his work diary in which he listed what his assistant was doing.
He called one of them and it turned out that his intuition was correct.
\"I\'m sorry, sir,\" said the assistant when he answered the phone.
\"After Shooting in Kumbakonam, I forgot to bring back one of our time bombs,\" he confessed frantically.
After more than a dozen phone calls and \"a lot of explanations\", Naveen managed to calm down the confusion he inadvertently caused.
\"It\'s a professional hazard when you deal with a dummy,\" he collapsed.
Naveen is engaged in the \"special effects\" business of movies, also known as \"virtual effects \".
As a gun and explosives expert, he has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and his work features more than 200 films in all four South Indian languages.
It\'s a family tradition and a career for Naveen.
His father, \"gun,\" Raj.
What\'s on their sign?
It was a licensed butt, and in the 1960 s he entered the industry when real guns and real bullets were used for film shooting.
\"Although he is a mechanical engineer, he is one of the pioneers.
He started by renting his original authorized guns, but as demand soared, he began copying real prop guns.
\"More and more action films are beginning to emerge, naturally, our business is booming,\" Naveen said . \".
But he remembered that the times were simpler and the guns were simpler.
\"There were only two types at the time,\" he said, \"single or double barrels of police darkoyt and Revolver,\" he added, adding that he had to innovate to Add bombs, grenade holsters, metal detectors, rocket launchers and machine guns.
\"No matter what gun we give them, the older director is happy to use it.
But today\'s director knows better that Google images of the exact guns they want to use come to us.
Sometimes even part of the script.
It must be authentic, especially for the close rangeups.
\"As a result, it can take a month for a gun to be continuously coordinated between welders, carpenters and specialists who focus on detail.
\"Even the way bullets shoot out of the gun needs to be correct.
There are so many foreign movies and video games, a 10-year-
The old one can tell between Glock and Beretta.
\"Trigger happiness his company operates on a rental basis every day, and the assistant takes props to shoot movies.
Over the years, the company has grown to produce hundreds of rifles, dozens of AK-
A variety of imaginable 47s and pistols.
But when handguns have proved too difficult to manufacture, \"we import handguns from foreign gun manufacturers who make dummies for training and exhibition purposes.
But the explosion is a different kind of game.
\"It takes more time to plan and it\'s all for safety.
Accidents are part of the game, but we have to try to avoid them at all stages.
We recently tried to shoot an action scene with minimal explosions, thinking we could reproduce it in post-production.
Whether it\'s reaction to gunfire or fire, the actors can\'t perform at all. We had to re-
Shoot in a real way.
After entering the second generation, he wondered if his two sons would take over the family business and they shared his love.
But things are getting better, \"our heroes start with a love story, but they need to make action movies to climb the ladder of stars.
As long as that is the case, we have work to do.
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