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manoj nyangli: rajasthan bsp mla carries pistol in assembly, probe initiated | jaipur news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
Jaipur: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Legislative Councillor Manoj Nyangli was found carrying a pistol in the State Council on Monday.
The lawmaker put the weapon under a long kurta, but its barrel was exposed by the side
When he gave the media a byte on the assembly staircase, he was cut.
Nyangli came out of the House and spoke to reporters on the stairs.
He walked very easily through metal detectors and security personnel at the gates used by ministers, legislators and officials.
Then he went home and returned to the rally without weapons.
BSP lawmakers later told the news channel that he had mistakenly carried weapons at the rally.
\"This morning, I came directly from my constituency to Parliament, in a hurry, forgetting to remove the pistol.
I always carry a licensed pistol because I often receive life threats, \"said Nyangli.
Marshal Sanjay Chaudhary told TOI that lawmakers had never been searched when they entered the parliament building.
\"There is currently no system for MLAs.
Before each parliamentary session begins, lawmakers receive an announcement about what to do and what not to do.
Among other things, the announcement tells them what items they can carry and what items they can\'t carry in Parliament.
We rely on MLAs to adhere to these guidelines.
When asked if the metal detector did not find a weapon, the marshal said, \"our machine is modern, but what\'s wrong with it, we have to investigate.
The investigation has begun and the secretary of the General Assembly will submit a report in this regard.
\"In the evening, when a TOI reporter passed through the same metal detector, it made a beep and the security guards immediately moved.
When the security guard found a laptop in his laptop bag, he was allowed to pass.
The incident indicated that the metal detector was working properly, but apparently the security guards allowed the bsp mla to pass despite being alerted by the machine that day.
Niyanli represents the sadpur constituency in Chulu district, a hotbed of liquor mafia gangs.
In 2014, a criminal gang made a bid for his life.
In the shooting, niyanli lost his right eye.
The state government has been providing police security for bsp mla, whose brother, Virendra Nyangli, is also the leader of BSP, who was shot dead by the liquor mafia in 2009.
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