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lorry driver fined for woodbridge pub damage

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
A truck driver was fined for causing damage to a historic bar worth more than £ 10,000.
The 50-year-old Tamer Acar from Lincoln admitted that he was careless in driving after the April 10 Suffolk Woodbridge incident and did not stop.
The HGV he was driving hit a level --
The old weighing machine listed at Ye Olde Bell & Steelyard.
Ipswich\'s magistrate gave Acar seven penalty points on his driving license and ordered him to pay 68.
The court dismissed 14ft in by Turkish national Acar (4. 4m)
Height limit sign on New Street before reaching level 1-
Listing structure.
The magistrate was told that the landlord was woken up by a loud noise around BST 07: 00, which he said was \"like a bomb explosion \".
When he saw the damage, the police checked the CCTV at the bar and later found Acar in his truck --
The prosecution told the court at A14.
The prosecutor told the court that the loss was still being repaired and that the cost would exceed £ 10,000.
Acar heard the noise during the mitigation but was not aware of any damage.
The court was informed that Acar of caclose Close had a 10-year clean uk hgv license.
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