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legislature tightens security with new x-ray scanners, metal detectors (with video)

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
Victoria-days of free entry and exit BC.
Construction of the capital is coming to an end.
The legislature has installed a new security checkpoint at its main entrance, which will go live on January.
14 and mandatory public access to the building during the legislative body spring meeting in February.
The new scanner is the result of a security review following the shooting on Capitol Hill in Ottawa on last October.
Security guards in the legislature are now armed.
The cost is $235,000, including the entrance to the redesigned building and the relocation of the gift shop.
With regard to the new security measures of the legislature, here are five things that need to be understood: 1.
The checkpoint will be similar to the airport security gate with x-
Check the machine for backpacks, wallets and other items and walks-
Through metal detectors
There is a second metal detector at the entrance to the public gallery on the top floor of the room. 2.
Water and other items prohibited from the airport will still be allowed into the building
Security personnel are just checking weapons and explosive devices, the police said. at-arms Gary Lenz. 3.
Not everyone has to go through the scanner.
Staff working in the building, MLAs guests and other pre-
Approved visitors can bypass the system.
Visitors to the general public and tour groups must pass the scanner, but field trips to the school will enter through separate entrances and skip security checks. 4.
The scanner will not be on all the time.
When the MLAs are in-house sessions, the inspection points will be active and mandatory.
But the rest of the year will depend on the level of threat, Renze said. 5.
The legislature now also has a HAZMAT response team with bio-condom and steam testing systems for testing abandoned backpacks and equipment left around the building.
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