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ledger updates, britney bra-less and bumbling

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
The Internet crashed after Heath Ledger died prematurely.
While news reports are largely limited and sympathetic, there are, sadly, some exceptions.
Take this idiot as an example.
Fox News host John Gibson yesterday made some shocking homophobic and offensive comments on the live broadcast of the radio, mocking the death of Heath Ledger.
The host seemed intoxicated with the sad news of Ledger\'s death and accepted a-
A whole new level.
Gibson opened his radio show with funeral music, ruthlessly laughing at the actor\'s death, calling him a \"eccentric\" of \"serious drug problems \".
He then plays an audio clip of the iconic citation in the movie Brokeback Mountain, \"I hope I know how to get away from you \"--
\"Well, he knows how to leave you,\" Gibson quipped unpleasantly . \".
Laughing, Gibson went on to play another clip from Brokeback Mountain in which Ledger\'s character said, \"we\'re dead,\" and then his own, playing again
Click here to listen to the audio of John Gibson\'s shameful handling of Heath Ledger\'s death.
Gibson, I want to insult you, but you are not smart enough to notice.
Now apologize for your bad behavior and accept the shame.
Source: Think Progress.
OrgFinal words news reports that director Shehar Kapoor may be the last person to speak to Ledger
Hours before his body was foundContactmusic.
Com reported that the night before Ledger died, friends chatted on the phone and arranged to meet the next day.
Ledger reportedly asked Kapur to call him the next day and wake him up in time.
But Ledger never answered the phone.
Kapur, who directed Ledger in the war drama \"Four Feathers\", said: \"Heath said he couldn\'t see me that night, but the second naively wanted to see me.
\"He assured me that I would call him in the morning and wake him up. I tried.
I do not know that his soul has left his body.
Kapur added: \"I lost a younger brother in Heath.
He is gentle and loving.
\"All we know is what we know about Ledger\'s death so far: * he\'s taking prescription drugs and seems to be trying to help him with his sleep problems.
* He may have pneumonia before his death, although this has not been confirmed yet.
* The results of the autopsy performed on Ledger\'s body are inconclusive and we will have to wait another ten days for the results of further testing.
Update: zero o\'clock P. M. : Heath Ledger\'s family expressed their grief over the loss of their precious family in an Australian newspaper.
Today, several messages have been printed in the death notice section of Western Australia.
Ledger\'s mother, Sally, wrote: \"Our dear children, are special to all of us in many ways.
You know you are so loved
You live bravely and boldly, and we are very grateful for the good times we have shared.
We will be here for Matilda. \" Other heart-
This sentence from his sister Kate made me miserable: \"I can hardly breathe when I try to write this article.
We are the ultimate soul mate.
I feel like my heart and life are torn apart.
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Read more information.
Five o\'clock P. M. : Breaking news: the masseur who found Ledger\'s body spent an amazing 9 minutes calling Mary three times --
The Associated Press said Kate Olsen was calling 911.
Once the paramedics arrived at the scene, Diana vorozin called Orson for the fourth time.
The Associated Press reported that the calls had nothing to do with the investigation because they thought Ledger was dead when Wolzin arrived at the apartment.
After checking Ledger\'s phone records, the police increased the number of calls made to four.
The Associated Press also said police did not suspect a foul.
This is a schedule (
Due to Usmagazine. com)
What happened on that defining day: zero o\'clock P. M. : Ledger\'s housekeeper said she saw him sleeping and heard what she thought was snoring.
2:45 pm: Wolozin appeared on Ledger\'s massage appointment and knocked on his door.
Zero o\'clock P. M. : she called his cell phone to wake him up.
She set up a massage table.
Seventeen o\'clock P. M. : she called Olsen.
The conversation lasted 49 seconds.
Twenty o\'clock P. M. : she called Olsen again.
The conversation lasted 39 seconds a minute.
Twenty-four o\'clock P. M. : she called Olsen for the third time.
The conversation lasted 21 seconds.
3: 26 in the afternoon: she called 911.
3: 33pm: the paramedics arrive at the apartment by elevator with the security guard of Olsen (
Olsen called to see the people on site).
Security guards are not allowed to enter the bedroom where Ledger is located.
3:34 pm: The fourth and last time Wolozin called Olsen.
The duration of this call is unknown.
3: 36 pm: announces the death of Ledger.
Zero o\'clock P. M. : As I reported yesterday, veteran actor Jack Nicholson is clearly warning Heath ledger of the dangers of taking anbeyon sleeping pills.
The clown actor said: \"The death of Heath is a tragedy.
I warned him about Ambien.
I took it once and someone called me in the middle of the night and I woke up in a car 50 yards from my house.
I almost fell off a cliff.
I don\'t know where I am.
\"Ambien can find you.
Not because of overuse, but some people react more strongly than others.
Source: Daily Mail. co.
Actor Daniel Day: zero o\'clock P. M.
Lewis paid tribute to Ledger in an interview on Oprah Winfrey\'s show.
The emotional actor was almost tearful as he strayed from the planned questioning line and instead chose to talk about the late actor.
He said: \"I hope you don\'t mind me saying it, but I feel very upset now.
\"I think it\'s because I just saw the news of Heath Ledger\'s death.
\"It seems a bit strange to talk about anything else, not to say anything other than expressing your regrets and saying sorry to his family and friends from the bottom of my heart about their troubles.
\"I don\'t know him, but I have a strong impression that I would like him if I knew him,\" he added . \".
\"I have been surprised by some of his work and am very much looking forward to seeing what he will do in the future.
\"I pray to God that they allow his family, especially his friends, to grieve in the weeks and months ahead in the way they need it.
\"It will be something they will live together for the rest of their lives.
\"Click here to watch the video clip.
Source: Showbizspy website.
Com1: 45pm: A new video clip has appeared, and it\'s probably the last video before the Australian actor died, according to all reports.
Ledger was filmed by a London resident who filmed the scene in the film Dr. panasus\'s imagination, which was filmed in central London.
Com has released footage taken by reporter Claire Timms, who lives in an apartment across the street from the scene.
The video clearly shows that Ledger, dressed in clown costumes, ran away from places that sounded like gunfire.
Zero o\'clock P. M. : Heath Ledger\'s parents Kim and Sally will meet with the forensic doctor when they arrive in New York later today. Pagesix.
Com reported that the forensic doctor visited Ledger\'s apartment with the detective today.
12: 30 pm: Fox News host John Gibson finally apologised for his highly unrated and offensive comments about Heath Ledger\'s death. Perezhilton.
Com said Gibson apologized yesterday on his show, saying he was \"sorry if his comments offended anyone\" and that he expressed remorse for Ledger\'s death.
Zero o\'clock A. M. : it is reported that Ledger and Olsen have been dating for three months, but not just.
A source said: \"Mary
Kate and Heath had a casual date for three months before Heath\'s death.
\"They\'re hooked up, but none of them are particularly interested in making it an exclusive product.
\"Mag also said the couple enjoyed the party.
\"They have a bond based on the party and they have the same taste at the party. . .
In terms of where they like to hang out in New York, when they want to go out.
They just feel the same way.
\"8: 30 am: Funeral arrangements are in full swing now.
Frank E, New York press secretary.
Campbell funeral home told The Associated Press that the actor\'s family will arrive in New York today for final preparations.
However, George Addison, general manager of the funeral home that took Ledger\'s body away on Thursday, declined to give any further information.
Meanwhile, a memorial service is said to be held in Los Angeles this weekend.
The sister of the Australian model Gemma Ward, who allegedly had a romantic relationship with Ledger, told an Australian newspaper: \"[the memorial]
\"I will be in Los Angeles and then he will be buried in Perth,\" said Sophie Ward . \".
8: 26 morning: Heath Ledger allegedly dated Mary
Kate Olsen is reported.
According to the New York Daily, Olsen\'s bodyguard told police that the two were dating.
Her representative denied the statement).
The newspaper quoted a police source as saying there was a \"relationship\" between the two \".
Source: Showbizspy website.
Com8: Fifteen o\'clock A. M. : The British tabloid The Sun is still loyal to its dirty way and has published a revelation about Ledger\'s past involvement in drug crimes.
When Ledger Campbell was relatively unknown in celebrity circles, the newspaper claimed, he took cocaine and ecstasy with model Naomi Campbell.
Click here to read the article.
Zero o\'clock A. M. : The uncle of Heath Ledger said his death was \"a tragic accident \".
Haydn Ledger said on CBS\'s morning show last night that his nephew would not do anything \"irresponsible\" and added: \"That would not have been the case at all
\"A phone call from the actor\'s hometown of Haydn, Perth, Australia --
With another uncle of Ledger, Mike.
Answer questions from the media.
\"As far as we are concerned, it must be a tragic accident and death,\" Haydn Ledger concluded . \".
Keep an eye on this blog for the latest developments.
I know that Britney\'s weird behavior is bad, but if the hat is right. . .
Britney Spears is the queen of quirky antics, so it\'s no surprise to learn that popwreck smells stupid dust again.
This is classic. OK!
Earlier this month, according to the magazine, the British proved she had severe varicose veins.
At midnight on January 19, Spears allegedly held a party at her Beverly Hills mansion --
But there is no celebrity in front of her eyes, only a group of paparazzi she invited to her house.
Paps were invited in, but only if they left the camera outside.
The only other rule is to have fun.
With the ultimate insistence of the British
Sam Lutfi, snappers began to have whales for a while, drinking, smoking and eating in her fridge stuff.
But all of a sudden, Britney\'s evil twins appeared. . .
\"Britney walked into her bedroom and came out in another pair of jeans and her pink wig,\" one of the catcher told OK!
\"Her eyes were wide open, and she cried, \'How did you come in? \'?
Take out f * k!
Sam, get them out!
Why do they eat my food? Get them out!
Another sn Fish said: \"One person walked into the bedroom and the other went out.
\"One of the photographers told OK! \"It\'s too scary. \" Gold. Just pure gold. Meanwhile. . .
Spears escaped from her detention hearing yesterday.
Despite Britt\'s efforts to get rid of her toxic ass and get into the court, she barely passed the metal detector.
It was reported that the eccentric man had changed his mind and refused to enter the court.
Sources told TMZ that the British prefer to discuss issues in a more \"therapeutic\" environment --
It is clear that this is either in the company of a medical professional or in a stuffed cell.
The news staff followed the British all day.
Like a fly to s *, I think)
The bitter English driving on Sunset Boulevard, her car, no bra, on the wrong side of the road.
Click here to see the spectacular scene of hurricane Britney.
This is even more strange. . .
An exposed Briton later appeared in a primary school in Beverly Hills to pick up children who looked \"imaginary\", according to American magazine.
The site said: \"the singer parked his car outside the school before three o\'clock P. M. and spent 10 minutes smoking and talking to herself while she was waiting for class.
The witness said: \"She is just rambling and confused . \" He approached Spears and asked if she was okay.
\"She said, \'I came to pick up my baby.
But then she changed her story and said, \"they\'re not my children . \"
I have a new lawyer and I will pick them up for her.
The witness added: \"What I can think of is, in their right thoughts, who will have her pick up their children ? \"?
\"On the day the children began to leave, the 26-year-old star caused a commotion --
\"This is the topic of the school.
\"Some children are scared,\" a school source said . \".
She was directed to a safer entrance at the back.
But before she got in the car and drove away
No children)
She chatted with the female witness: \"she said, \'You are so kind.
You should give me your number.
I don\'t have many friends.
She is apparently as eccentric as a cheap garden water pipe.
A strange Big Foot, CNN reported --
This type of creature has been found on Mars.
Rock formation or complete hokum?
You decide if you want the girl yourself?
Did Pop\'s grandmother get a knife?
These fairly guilty photos suggest that she may have.
When Madonna left her home in central London this week, she was photographed in a playful manner.
But despite her futile attempt to cover up the bruises with a set of satellites --
Shadow size, evidence of tampering still exists.
Wino is a miracle in rehab!
Amy Winehouse has apparently been admitted to the rehabilitation center.
\"After talking to record labels, management, families and doctors, Amy decided to enter the facility today,\" Universal Music Group said in a statement . \".
\"She has understood that she needs specialist treatment in order to continue recovering from drug use. \" Hurrah! Fabulous news.
Next stop: the terrible hair is leaving.
You may think that the motto \"The bigger the hair, the closer it is to God\" is correct, but trust me, the haystack on your head makes you look like you are worn out by an ugly stick. What?
Do I look like a human being?
Give me five minutes and I will tell you everything. . .
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