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“drop in number of licensed tea stalls”

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
Tea stands or \"Chai Kada\" are one of the most enduring images of street views in any city.
No tea stands, no street or main road is complete.
The hustle and bustle around the tea stall adds a lot of features to the corner.
However, the number of licensed tea stalls in the city began to decline, according to participants at the 29 annual conference of the Chennai Metropolitan Tea Shop Owners Association held here on Sunday.
\"Most young people don\'t want to buy a souvenir and stand by the side of the road with cups and tea trays,\" K said . \"
Manoharan is an executive member of the Association and has been running tea stands in Parry for the past 20 years.
\"IT companies outsource the supply of tea to individuals who provide instant tea --tea machines.
Some people earn as much as Rs.
\"14 Lach a month,\" he added . \".
There are nearly 10,000 tea stands in this city.
About 2,000 of them operate without a license.
Vellaiyyan from Kerala has opened a shop in Chennai, although his family is still there.
He acknowledged that it was not easy to run the business now and said: \"Earlier we sold tea in rupees. 3 to Rs. 4.
Ordinary tea now costs a lot of money.
In particular, the cost of masala chai is RS. 7 at our shop.
Otherwise, we can\'t do business.
According to Mr.
Manoharan, while the general store is for sale in Rs.
Unlicensed shops sell glass with Rs.
Make this business not feasible for others.
Many of the city\'s newer tea stands are run by teenagers in Bihar and Orissa.
Earlier, Mr. Nairs.
Manoharanused starts from a remote corner of Kerala and opens a shop in the city.
But now the labor force has changed so much that it has hired a tea.
Master became extremely difficult.
\"Everyone has more opportunities.
No one wants to work at the tea stall any more . \"Manoharan.
His daughter works for an IT company and wants him to resign because she feels uncomfortable when someone asks your father what to do. \'B. Balan (52)
He has been working at a tea stall since he was seven years old.
Now, a cup of seasoned tea
Master Works at actor Sivaji Ganesan at a booth near T\'s house
\"You may be a very wealthy businessman or a daily wage worker, but you can\'t not have a cup of tea,\" Nagar said.
\"But the era of instant milk powder and coffee machines seems to have brought fierce competition to tea stalls. P. K.
Anish locked up his family.
Three years ago, he owned tea stalls and carried out business in the field of safety equipment.
He feels fast today.
In the fast-paced life, the tea stalls do not have much effect. However, P. C.
Samyuktha, who runs an online group called Chai Ka Dai, positioned itself as a place for cultural integration and dialogue, said, \"as long as there is a culture of dialogue, the culture of the tea shop will never disappear.
This trade is no longer hereditary, but so are many other professions.
Tea stalls learn and adapt to changing needs.
For example, many people have started using plastic cups.
According to her, the most striking aspect of \'tea kadai\' is its openness.
\"Anyone can have tea here.
This is the place of the day-to-
The daily dialogue on politics has taken place.
This is one of the most important and free talk spaces in the city. ”(
Mira\'s investment in Srinagar)
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