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lapses raise concern over security of ajmer dargah

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
On paper, there are security measures at all 10 gates in Dalga, but in reality, the victims of the terrorist attack by Ajmer Sharif hazat Hawaja Moinuddin Hassan Chi, there are serious security problems once again.
Thousands of pilgrims who visit dalgar every day are in danger, but the police authorities and the dalgar Commission still do not take security issues seriously.
On paper, there are security guards in all 10 gates of dalgar, but in fact there is no such arrangement.
Metal detector door frame and x-
The ray baggage machine of lakhs RS provided by Dargah to enhance safety is not in working condition.
It is a matter of concern that both machines will not work properly for 4 years, but no one is worried about it.
At the beginning, an engineer was called from Delhi to repair the machine and he reported that the parts of the machine were defective and exceeded the warranty period.
Due to the lack of security, drug addicts and infiltration personnel began to visit the place more frequently.
It is worth noting that on October 11, 2007, dalgar was already facing a terrorist attack, and even today, according to intelligence reports, Ajmer Sharif dalgar was targeted by terrorists.
In this regard, the local intelligence service had previously informed the Ministry of ethnic minorities on several occasions, but the security issue in dalgar had not been addressed.
On Thursday and Friday, most pilgrims visited dalgar, less secure these two days of the week.
Khadims of Dargah said that all gates of Dargah should consist of members of the Dargah committee and the police.
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