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kicking ass in kona

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
At the end of Kailua Municipal Pier is a huge set of sizes, maintained by the Japanese from the local ice houses, and they usually buy every fish brought into the port, they were then sent to Tokyo to be chopped into sushemi, then frozen and sent back to Los Angeles.
Su Shimei is a big business in the Pacific Ocean. Japanese fish brokers control most of it.
The license to run sushimi from Hawaii is better than there is a vacancy-
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Demand for Su Shimei is always more than in the market --
Fishermen can supply.
The only difference is the price --
From $5 per pound at Christmas, sometimes $10, to 20 cents per pound at peak sports --
The fishing season, which began on the coast of Kona in September, produces 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of the sushmi per day for the market.
Yellow, rhubarb fin tuna, sold a lot, but not the charming fish of Kona.
This place is famous for Malin. Big Marlin.
People on the dock want to see this.
Any ship flying the traditional dark blue marlins banner will suddenly change the mood of the crowd.
The Kona Coast is the fishing capital of Hawaii, and Kailua Bay is the social and commercial axis of the Kona coast;
Huge gallows.
Like a bunch of fish.
The scale on the front dock of Kings Cam hotel is the place where Kona fishing professionals live or die every afternoon --
In the public view, as it is now.
In Kona, sport fishing is a big deal, and any four o\'clock P. M. at the end of the city pier is a presentation time for the local charter captain.
This is where they bring the fish in and weigh, and if they bring something big, they take pictures.
The scales at the end of the pier are the places where the winners show their stuff, and the conquered ones don\'t even show up.
Ships with no blood on the deck did not even enter the dock: they took a short walk on their way home
The 8 mile North Port distance from the last few miles of the float can be a long and difficult journey for a captain with a bunch of customers on board who pay $500 a day, nothing caught.
Honokohau at sunset is not a happy place.
When each ship fails to connect, the port rushes to the edge of the black lava cliff overlooking the pier and starts barking.
They want the rest of the luncheon meat, not the fish, which is an ugly scene at the end of a long day of failure at sea.
On any given day, most ships will return to hono Hojo.
But few people return to the dock, where the view is completely different --
Especially on a \"hot day\", when half of the towns have received an alert for victory radio calls from distant seas, prepare for serious action when the fleet comes in.
At about 3, the crowd will begin to gather at the end of the pier.
Commercial photographer Jimmy Sloan, who owns the Marina franchise, will be there to broadcast history on 8x10 gloves for $10 a share.
There is also a person from the gray specimen making company in case you want to board your trophy.
If you don\'t do that, little blue pick-
It came from the igloo for cash.
Marlins are cheap: 25 cents a pound, because only the Japanese eat it, and the main market is in Tokyo, more than 3,000 miles away.
The boys who run the scales almost always know what will happen, but they don\'t know when . . . . . . With the arrival of 4, it makes them feel nervous.
Any captain who has reported a big fish on board will arrive before dark, which will not leave much time.
The audience also knows this.
Rumors spread and tourists began to install cameras.
The ship will come from the West and will come directly from the sunset.
On a quiet summer day, you can stand at the end of the pier and see a ship coming 10 miles from the sea.
At first, it was just a white spot on the horizon . . . . . . Then there is a ray of sunshine reflected from the highest point of the steel tuna tower . . . . . . Soon, the white spots of a white spray cock tail exploded after a rapid explosion.
Close to the hull.
Soon, the boat was close enough that one could use a telescope to see the color of the flag that the boat was hanging on the leg-bar.
Blue is more prominent in the background of the Pacific Sky redder than the white flag of ahi
When the first cry of \"blue\" rises, it makes the crowd move towards the balance faster.
Every successful charter captain understands the difference between fishing and entertainment.
Fishing is what happens on the deep blue water, and the other is to have strangers pay for it.
So when you dive into Kailua Bay with a big fish at sunset and hang it on the scales, you want to do it slowly.
In the background of sailing and volcanoes, easily enter the bay with a beautiful arc, and then return your boat to the dock with every ounce of style and slow speedrumbling boat-
Deal with the drama that you and your team can call together.
The captain stood on the flying bridge, facing the crowd, holding the ship with his hands on the steering wheel and throttle.
His deck hand and client will stand at the stern below, face the crowd, do not do anything wrong or awkward at the last critical moment, when the boat slowly returns to the balance and chain --
The hoist swung to get their fish.
Most \"Anglers\" who pay for the privilege of fishing with big boys in the world \"--
The recorded waters near Kona do not have any consequences for any fish they catch, and once they take a picture standing next to the beast, it hangs on the steel frame at the end of the pier.
At that time of the day, the introduction of fish was the only action in town --
Or any other time; because big-
Time fishing is all about the coast of Kona (
Don\'t mind these rumors about cannabis crops and strange realitiesestate scams).
Kicking your ass in Kona means that at sunset, with a big fish, not three or four, rumbling into the harbor and climbing up the balance.
The crowd on the dock will laugh loudly at anything less than a crane that can be carried out from the ship.
There\'s clear blood-
At sunset, there is desire in the air.
At the age of five, the crowd was drunk and ugly.
The people who left Pittsburgh for their first vacation stood on the dock, talking like tired experts about the size of the small car they had just rented out at the airport.
\"Henry, how big is that?
\"It\'s really big, dear.
Scale one-twenty-
Two, but probably just the head.
The body looks as big as a cow;
I think there are probably thousands.
\"At sunset, the movement around the scales of fish on the Kailua Bay pier is a serious drama, and tensions will intensify as each boat enters.
At 5: 00 on a good day, they are shouting thousands of people.
Pounders, and the sorrow of the charter captain who showed up with any little thing.
However, it is not possible to escape the judgment of the crowd, as even the ahi of 100lb can be sold to igloo for $2.
A pound in June
Enough to pay for fuel and cruise for the whole day
Without bringing it to the scale for the audience to see, the price bought by the Japanese is too high for any serious captain to pay.
They charge a lot for the services offered, one of which is to have their customers take pictures of any fish they catch on the dock, even a 90-pound small Marlins, it is also possible to tear off the arm of the man who caught it, and everyone on board told him --
Until the moment the truth is on the level --
Must be at least 500 \".
When all the fish go up 20 feet straight at the end of your line and 200 yards behind the boat, they all look big.
After you \'ve been fighting it for two or three hours, it feels like a million pound;
And, $500 a day, by the time they roll it in anyway, most customers are already in love with this thing.
They want to bring it into the dock and hang it on the gallows for the whole crowd to see, good or bad.
The only thing worse than coming in with a \"mouse\" is nothing coming in.
Hawaii has the best fishing in the world.
Although Kona is famous for the Blue Marlins (year-round;
5 ~ Peak season September)
Dordo, WAHO and tuna are also abundant.
The mountains above Kona protect the coast from the winds of faith, so even if the sea floor drops rapidly, it is possible to fish in very calm waters.
Kona offers more than 100 charter fishing boats ranging in length from 30 to 55 feet.
They include the 41 feet Pamela, which carries up to 6 passengers, and the exclusive cost of renting a boat and crew for a full day is £ 500 (nine hours)
290 pounds for half a day (five hours).
The 35ft Fish Wish, which specializes in family rentals, also occupies up to six passengers at a cost of £ 320 for a full day and £ 210 for a half day.
Most ships will also retain individual positions.
Fishing Adventure and charter in Hawaii (www. Sportfishhawaii. com);
Travel to Hawaii
Www 7202 6384, www. hawaii-tourism. co. uk).
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