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kerikeri fruit industry gets $18m investment

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
Kerikeri\'s $18 million investment in fruit packaging is a \"huge boost of confidence\" for local growers \". Seeka, an NZX-
A listed company based in Te Puke will invest $18 million over the next three years to invest in packaging machines, packaging sheds and cool stores in Kerikeri.
The investment has improved the packaging and processing capacity of Sajia. known as post-
Ability to harvest-
In kiwi, avocado and citrus to meet the expected growth in the region.
At a meeting in Creek last week, about 20 to 25 local growers announced the news.
Tania McInnes, deputy mayor of the Far North region, who attended the meeting, said the investment showed confidence in the production capacity of local growers.
\"This is a huge boost to our local industry.
This is an important industry for us, in the far north . \"
\'The Far North is already good, \'says mackinnes.
Known for producing kiwi, avocado and citrus, Kerikeri is one of the highest producers of golden kiwi, and Seeka is a reputable company.
Seeka chief executive Michael Franks said the investment showed a commitment to the north.
\"We are here for a long time.
This investment will provide the world
\"The first-class facilities in the north center,\" he said . \".
This gives Seca a competitive advantage, which may encourage new growers to use the company, said Franks.
Mr. Franks said Sika continued to \"actively seek options for expansion\" in the north \".
The development of new packaging and grading machinery will begin this year, and the 2019 harvest is expected to be completed in a timely manner.
Seeka will also upgrade its on-
Later next year, the website information system and the establishment of additional cool storage, the pre-
Cooling and cooling capacity.
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