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kellyanne conway on school safety sessions: trump is always listening

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
This is a rush copy of hanniti in February 22, 2018.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Sean hanniti, Fox News host: Hello, CPAC.
How are you all? (
Cheers and applause)I can\'t --
I can\'t hear the CPAC.
Listen to me. (
Cheers and applause)
Glad you were here. Grab a seat. Have some fun.
Are you going to have a party tonight?
Together, We Save America with a little money. -
Are you satisfied with the progress of last year? (
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Welcome to hanniti.
Tonight we will be live from CPAC 2018.
We have a lot of breaking news and we will be in the next hour.
The president is now taking the lead in protecting school children and schools in the United States, and you are happy about that by holding a listening session, coming up with ideas and solutions.
At the same time, it is foreseeable that Democrats, this biased news media, are playing the same old blame game, hoping to get cheap political scores in gun control efforts.
Tonight is also new, and on this stage, nra ceo and executive vice president Wayne LaPier has attacked critics for trying to blame his organization for the Florida tragedy.
And then you get CNN\'s fake news network to prove that they don\'t have the ability to have a fair, sensible fact --
Debate on American guns
A second amendment spokesperson like Dana Loesch is with us tonight. (
Cheers and applause)
Being shouted down, called the murderer, and even worse, a student today accused the Fake News Network of actually writing a script for the problem.
Now, it\'s not the first time CNN has done so. (BOOS)
We will reveal all this.
Are you ready for our breaking news opening monologue? (
Cheers and applause)Let\'s hit it. (MUSIC)
Hanniti: Okay.
After a campus shooting in Florida, President Trump showed strong leadership.
He is now trying to find ways to keep schools and children safe in the United States.
At a White House hearing earlier today, the president-
He put forward ideas and solutions.
Let\'s hear what he has to say. (
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US President Donald Trump: We have to strengthen our schools, not soften them. A gun-
It\'s a free area for a killer or someone who wants to be a killer, just like going for ice cream.
Just like I\'m here, take me with you.
We have to be smart on guns. free zones.
When they said it was a gun
This means no one has a gun but them.
No one will shoot in another direction.
They think this is a beautiful goal.
They live for guns. free zones.
I think there is a hidden permit that will let people know that someone in the building is holding a gun and it seems to me that you will not have these shootings because these people are cowards
If 20% of the teachers had guns, they would not walk into the school.
It could be 10% or 40%.
What I suggest to do is those who carry their luggage and we will give them a bonus.
We give them a little bonus.
But NRA is ready to do what people like to blame them, and they do have the power to do all that.
But what they want to do is-
They actually came up with certain rules and regulations that we have now.
But we have to be strong. -
I told them that we must make them strong.
We must also take offensive measures.
I know people don\'t like to talk about it.
But we need attack and defense.
We must be completely defensive.
But if we don\'t have aggressive measures in these schools, we just--
Guys, you\'re just kidding. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: Okay.
You have to give the president a lot of credit, because after these tragedies, politicians, the media did not repeat the same old words back and forth, repeat the same talking points, he is actually trying to solve the problem.
That\'s the bottom line.
We have a choice in all this.
Do we go ahead with the exact same political debate that has been going on since corenbyn, and that doesn\'t change anyone\'s mind, or do we actually address this?
Do we want to protect our children?
Please keep in mind that after 9/11 we addressed the issue of aircraft safety and I am very supportive of the Second Amendment.
I\'m sure the same is true for this room tonight. (
Cheers and applause)
Predictably, the left and free media are talking about abolishing the second amendment, or about confiscating guns like Australia for a minute, and let\'s take politics out of it all.
Let\'s focus on this, how can we keep our children safe at school?
The president says he wants a solution, which is why he sits with students, parents, teachers, governors, state and local officials.
Listen while he says.
By the way, he wants to have a positive impact.
This is a simple fact.
The left and the media can talk about everything they want about banning certain types of weapons used by these evil lunatics.
But the problem is that you can never stop the evil that exists in some people\'s hearts.
If you take and ban a weapon, these killers, other weapons will be used by those with evil intentions.
This is what we have seen.
Let\'s go back to the Virginia Tech shootings, the deadliest shooting in the history of the country, in which case the gunman used a pistol.
What the media can\'t seem to understand or do not want to understand is that there is evil in this world, there are murderers and rapists.
There are people who are molesting children, there are evil people.
By the way, if they don\'t use a rifle in a school shooting incident, it will be a pistol next time.
Then it will be another weapon or tool if it is not a pistol.
Remember the Boston bombers, the explosives they use are made of products that are readily available every day.
Other terrorists use trucks, trucks and cars.
Knives have been used by others.
Shall we ban everything?
While both the left and the media believe that the government can completely stop these killers through regulations and laws, they can\'t.
Because there are such evil people, they will always find a way to cause pain and suffering and to cause the greatest slaughter.
The only thing that comes with a ban on weapons is that you will violate the rights of law-abiding American citizens who have the right to protect themselves and their families. (
Cheers and applause)
What is missing is a real solution to protect these innocent children.
You know, the White House spokesperson at this hearing, they put forward many great ideas and solutions that we have been discussing on this show.
In the Florida school shootings, warning signs were everywhere around Nicolas Cruz.
We know he\'s mentally ill.
We know he\'s unstable.
We know he\'s capable of doing something.
The students seem to know that the same is true of the teachers.
It is reported that the police are calling the family of Cruz for more than 39 months-year period.
This is a good indicator.
Cruz was in trouble at school.
He threatened students.
He is not allowed to carry his backpack at school.
He was eventually expelled from school.
According to the Miami Herald, school officials actually sent an email warning to teachers about Nicolas Cruz.
Then, of course, you have his social media footprint that lets you take pictures with a gun and a knife, as well as disturbing pictures.
Then, of course, the FBI called them and issued a special warning on Nicolas Cruz twice that they did not follow up.
In other words, now, every bit of evidence that shows that this is going to happen is before us.
What people see, what they say, nothing happens, they do nothing.
We will also learn two new disturbing messages tonight.
According to the report, the school\'s security camera was delayed for nearly half an hour, slowing down the ability to enforce and capture Nikolai Cruz.
The Broward County Sheriff said armed security guards on campus did not enter the building at the time of the shooting.
Instead, the officer took a defensive stance outside the school.
That\'s why we need a solution. We need ideas.
We need to solve this problem.
We need to protect our children.
This is the case.
We already know what works.
We use something in office buildings, airports, courts, other government buildings and other facilities every day.
The key if you want to fix this is security, which is not difficult.
Every school in the country needs to have a comprehensive threat assessment that can be carried out by retired or former police or retired former military special operations.
These schools are soft targets. (APPLAUSE)
We need to reinforce the boundaries around these schools.
Is it true for those who are worried about the cost?
When it comes to protecting our children, will we be cheap?
Because I also assure you that these former officers and veterans, who will be in line and volunteer to help their communities to keep our children safe. (APPLAUSE)
These assessments need to include methods to protect the perimeter and control each entry point.
Since then, if these experts determine the need, you need to set up an ID system with zero exceptions.
They need to know everyone who enters that school.
I work in two office buildings in New York.
One radio, one TV.
You are not allowed to enter if you do not have a work ID.
Visitors are reviewed through the security system.
You have to show your ID.
Then, you usually check if you have any metal objects coming in.
Starting with a case. by-
They should have metal detectors and other safety measures if some schools need them.
Finally, you have to have armed security personnel in every school in the United States, and you can hire--right? (APPLAUSE)
Veterans and police.
Schools are no longer soft targets.
You have to have people who can fight back and challenge and deal with any potential threat.
When you think of the statistics presented at the White House hearing yesterday, the average shot-
The school shooting lasted only three minutes.
It takes an average of 6 to 8 minutes for the police to respond, which, by the way, is very fast.
But why is it that people are already heavily armed, trained, ready to respond and save lives when they are not on the scene? (APPLAUSE)
We will take potential security threats against politicians.
Look at the Oscar security measures of these celebrities on the red carpet.
They have every sense of security you dream.
Why don\'t we do the same for our children?
Plus, right? (APPLAUSE)
In addition, we need a better way to identify and help these children who are clearly in trouble.
There must be a system to discover children we think are disturbed.
We need to help them and get the help they need.
We have to keep an eye on social media, whether it\'s someone monitoring it physically or it\'s easier to monitor it, someone has reported on the situation with this kid, Nicolas Cruz.
Earlier today, Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of NRA, was also on this stage.
He\'s in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. (
Cheers and applause)
He responded fiercely to the Liberals in the media, who tried to blame his organization for what happened in Florida.
LaPierre also asked them to do more to protect the school and protect our children.
That\'s what he said. (
Start Video Editing)
Nra ceo Wayne LaPier: Chris Murphy, Nancy Pelosi and so on, cheering for the national media, eager to blame the NRA and calling on the government to tighten control.
They hate NRA.
They hate the Second Amendment.
They hate personal freedom.
In the heat of calling for more governments, they also exposed their true side.
The elites don\'t care at all about the American school system and school children.
In this country, our jewelry store is more important than our children in this country, which is a strange fact.
Our banks, our airports, our NBA games, our NFL games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians, they are more protected than our children at school.
Does this make sense to anyone? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Wayne LaPier, right? Good points.
He also noted how the NRA has led this effort in many ways to prevent guns from falling into the hands of criminals and people who should not have them.
Of course, if you\'re looking-
Well, the corrupt media in this country listen to the Democrats in Washington and they will never tell you because we are only interested in demonizing, attacking NRA, a Second Amendment supporter, it\'s all predictable and sad.
For example, you have--
All you have to do is look at what happened during the fake news gun control CNN quoted last night at the Town Hall.
In fact, different opinions are not important.
CNN has accused supporters of the Second Amendment.
Look at it--
Dana Loesch will join us in a minute. -
What was she treated last night? (
Start Video Editing)
Dana loesch, NRA spokesperson: Let me answer this question.
You can call me when I finish, but let me answer Emma\'s question.
Audience: You are the murderer.
LOESCH: before the president took action, they talked about it, and they talked about it before the Minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, also announced it.
This answers your question.
Sheriff Scott Israel, Broward County, Florida: I know you\'re on the NRA side and I know you should do that.
But you just told the group that you were standing up for them.
You won\'t support them unless you say I want fewer weapons.
LOESCH: We have three members at this stage, and only one member has hinted at strengthening the system of background checks.
It is only as good as the record submitted to it.
Only one of them barely mentioned this.
We must have records submitted by more than 38 states.
This is the first. Number two.
Audience: You are the murderer.
LOESCH: we have to work out a better agreement to follow up on the red flag. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: Dana will be here in a minute.
You heard someone say they burned her, too. Wow.
Think about it.
How can someone talk seriously when one party actually calls the other murderer and screams they need to be burned?
CNN, they\'re not interested in a solution.
It\'s all about building a political theater.
In fact, it did not solve the problem.
CNN also has another serious problem.
He is a student at Douglas Middle School.
He saved people in the shooting.
Did he report that CNN actually tried to write a script for his question at last night\'s town hall because he would not be involved in that farce.
This is something that the student told our own Tucker Carlson earlier tonight. (
Start Video Editing)
Fox News host Tucker Carlson: I want to make sure I have this channel, so you sent them a long, valid article about your ideas, but they put their own words on the issue, they\'re not the same as what you said. What do they say as producers?
Colton habb, Florida student: Sure.
They took what I wrote, and what I briefly introduced and talked about, and they actually wrote this question for me.
Carlson: But you can\'t use your words.
I mean, they put their own words into your question even after they ask to send the problem.
Habb: of course.
Carlson: It seems dishonest.
This is certainly the case.
That\'s why I didn\'t go last night.
Initially, I thought it would be more of my own problem and my own statement, and later found that it was more of a script.
In fact, she said on the phone that I need to stick to the script. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: that\'s what the students say. (BOOS)
His problem is fake news.
What do you call them?
Audience: fake news.
Oh, okay.
They said that they would never provide the issue of scripted procco, and Colton\'s father withdrew his name before the show began.
But this is not the first time the Fake News Network has been accused of writing a problem script.
Michelle Malkin put a great article on the New York Post in January 20.
The title here is \"cnn allows a long history of democratic city hall plants\", and here are just a few of the many examples she has found.
2007, CNN YouTube debate.
Quote, voters who have not yet decided actually include an American member of the Hillary Clinton steering committee.
John Edwards supporters who asked about abortion.
Republicans who really support Obama.
A caring mother is a union of steel workers activist who supports John Edwards and a former intern at Democratic Congressman Jane Haman.
We know that former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, former CNN contributor Donna blasil, leaked the town hall issue to the Clinton campaign.
So, in this case, they have an advantage over Bernie Sanders. All right.
We have two parts that are ready to debate.
NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch is now joining us on stage where she was last night. (
Cheers and applause)
Fox News writer Katie pavlishi, a Fox News reporter at the big Geraldo Rivera. (
Cheers and applause)
Nice to meet you. Dan Bongino.
Dan bongino, former Secret Service agent: What\'s wrong, brother. (CHANTING)
This is great.
First of all, I want to say that I obviously didn\'t look because they were looking at it at the same time, but I came to see it later.
First, you did a very good job in the most difficult situations. (
Cheers and applause)
Hanniti: Bring us behind the scenes.
You\'re called a killer, you burn her, what else?
Yes, well, let me set the stage for you, first of all, I want to say, it\'s hard to be a teenager, it\'s hard to be a sad teenager, it is difficult to be used by the media as a sad teenager and to openly grieve or ask for grief on the national stage.
This is an arena full of survivors, parents of victims and members of other communities.
Sean, there are more than 7,000 people in this arena.
As we enter, you enter the ring like Floyd Mayweather.
I mean, actually, you come in from a part of the arena and walk through all these people.
You\'re on the stage.
Very confusing.
It started even before I took the stage.
I, the whole reason I showed up there was because the NRA was made up of over 5 million members who were also parents.
I am one of them.
You are one of them and you are their parents.
We did nothing wrong.
We\'re not that--
I mean, why are we responsible? As you mentioned today, we learned about the sheriff\'s office, where there is a deputy who waited more than 4 minutes before they went.
Sean, we also found out that it was reported that this morning the parents had reported the murderer to the police.
There is a report outside.
The media have discussed the records and they said they told the police that he had threatened people with guns before.
He pointed a gun to someone else\'s head.
I\'m not part of the FBI right now.
I\'m not a law enforcement officer.
I like what they do and appreciate what they do.
Hanniti: You\'re not doing this because you\'re paid.
LOESCH: I have long been a supporter of the Second Amendment and a lifetime member of the NRA.
Hanniti: That\'s a cheap gun fired by the sheriff.
LOESCH: It was a cheap shot by the sheriff as he tried to cover his back.
Hanniti: his opinion is liberal. It doesn\'t matter, but his approach is wrong.
This is wrong. He has a question to answer.
Hanniti: Okay.
Let me ask you a simple question when I get--
We have two links. It\'s great for you.
What else did you call on that stage?
LOESCH: I\'m called to see you next Tuesday.
They said they burned her. Murderer.
I heard a lot of killers.
They tried--
They chanted my shame when I went out. I did not.
I see everyone.
They want Jerry Springer?
To be honest, that\'s--
We have Geraldo.
Yes, CNN should have--
Gerar Rivera: The original Jerry Springer. (LAUGHTER)(CROSSTALK)
LOESCH: but I\'m sure that\'s when CNN should let their cameras go because it\'s the money they want, right?
People try to rush onto the stage.
A woman rushed onto the stage.
Hanniti: It\'s scary.
Once, Jack Tapper said ---
Turn around and look at me and say, do you have an escort and you need to get out of here now.
You have to leave here now.
Hanniti: It\'s scary.
LOESCH: I wouldn\'t leave the arena if I didn\'t have the details of three people.
Hanniti: It\'s scary.
This is no exaggeration.
To be fair, Geraldo, one of the best friends of my life.
We don\'t agree on some things.
You believe in the Second Amendment.
Geraldo rivera, Fox News: Yes.
Hanniti: You agree with my overview of security measures.
I totally agree with that.
But Dana says it\'s hard to be a teenager. It is --
I am the father of five children, four of whom have spent their teenage years.
It\'s hard to be a teenager.
So why, worldwide, does the NRA refuse to raise the age of buying these lethal weapons from 28 to 21, as the president has advocated?
This simple change, this simple change, I want the NRA to accept this change. (BOOS)
I want NRA--
This is a child who has been visited 39 times by the police.
A child wouldn\'t let him go to school with his backpack.
They banned backpacks, but they did not. (CROSSTALK)
I will tell you what we are going to do.
I would say, if ---
It was embarrassing to have so many signs that they didn\'t get the child earlier.
He can\'t buy beer, Sean.
But we will come back and we will continue.
Let\'s get it.
I promise that our group will have a full section next.
Later, Kellyanne Conway was on the stage of the CPAC, right in front. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Okay.
As we continue to stay with us from CPAC 2018, Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich, Dan Bongino, Geraldo Rivera. All right.
Let me give Dan a chance to respond to Geraldo and what he said, and he does not want the young man ---
By the way, young people with abnormal spirits, no one wants them to have guns.
If you\'re here, I don\'t think there\'s anyone--
If the police came to your house 39 times, they only came to my house 29 times when I was young. (LAUGHTER)
Hanniti: so, but seriously ---
This is my point.
Hanniti: The child is in trouble.
We know he\'s in trouble.
Sean, we all agree that Geraldo, this kid should not be close to guns.
But we\'re going to take our 18-year-
By the way, young people overseas use the same weapons to fight for your freedom, their freedom and others, and then when they go home, by the way, in many cases, when you are in Native America, you are not emotionally mature enough to use almost exactly the same guns in a smaller format.
This is a ridiculous article.
Why don\'t we let these kids drink? Why?
This is not a constitutional right.
RIVERA: they are growing as people.
Ongino: this is an argument about strawman.
This is not the same thing.
Rivera: they are experiencing anxiety.
You did not answer my question.
Hanniti: one at a time. Go ahead.
You did not answer my question.
Why do we send them overseas with guns to defend our freedom and then tell them ---
Rivera: You\'re talking about the same weapon. I know.
Hanniti: Wait, let me bring Katie pavlishi in. Katie?
Katie pavridge, a Fox News writer: First of all, I think we need to stop calling this guy a kid. He was 19-years-old.
He\'s not a child. He was 19-years-old.
He is an adult.
Responsible for his actions.
Don\'t give him a way out.
Secondly, this is the direct result of government failure at all levels.
The third thing we need for family size is that teachers are willing to come forward.
Not all, but some of them.
This is not a new concept.
Teachers across the country and the school district are on the podium. They are armed.
They are ready to face violence. -
Hanniti: Katie, let me ask you, the teacher is better at teaching.
I don\'t object to them holding guns in the classroom if the teacher wants to, and they are trained.
Retired police, or retired military personnel, do they do the job?
It\'s okay, Sean.
But they can\'t be everywhere.
That\'s not what I said, I tell you.
This is not my opinion.
I spoke to the teachers and I knew gun holders who had been trained for 30 years in the classroom.
Yes, they should have.
PAVLICH: Gunsite College came out today and said that they will provide free training to the directors and chairs of the school\'s board of directors to ensure that they know what they are doing.
They\'re begging--
Your point.
LOESCH: NRA has a School Shield Program that has reinforced and hardened 150 schools across the country.
One thing you will ask Geraldo about age limits.
The murderer of Sutherland Springs is 27 years old.
Are you telling everyone here, do you think to have this person wait a few years to solve his mental illness?
Fox New roaming reporter geraldo rivera: I tell you that on Saturday night, I was sitting very close to the president of the United States, and he described to me the nature of the wounds of those children in that hospital.
He\'s too deep. -wait a second.
He left a deep impression, moved and annoyed.
He is doing the work of the president.
He\'s adopted now.
RIVERA: as part of his program, the youth assault weapons ban.
What do we need to do?
This problem cannot be solved.
But if the NRA does not want to be a historical fan, it will adopt such a modest reform. AUDIENCE: Boo.
That\'s one of the reasons for me and Dan and the NRA.
Do you want to do nothing?
Don\'t you want to do anything?
Do you want to do nothing?
That\'s it.
Geraldo, do you want a solution or do you want to scream?
First of all, Dan and I are.
Make sure the audience in our house can hear it.
I want to answer.
Hanniti: You agree with the armed guards. RIVERA: Yes. HANNITY: OK.
So everyone here agrees?
What do they want to do?
Rivera: I have a vice president who was a police officer in New York State during the summer.
He will. He is a football coach.
He is a perfect man with weapons. HANNITY: Okay. At school?
Rivera: at school. HANNITY: Dan.
LOESCH: 20-how about that? year-
An old woman like me who doesn\'t live at home.
I live alone.
We live at home alone.
How can you argue?
Are you saying we can\'t bring weapons?
RIVERA: pistol as deadly as AR15.
LOESCH: if someone is in 2-2-3.
I don\'t think you know anything about gun first, and you don\'t know about gun first. (CHEERS)(APPLAUSE)
Rivera: 30 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, I don\'t understand the trajectory?
Do you want me to take you to the shoot?
Hanniti: Hold on, one at a time. Katie go ahead.
PAVLICH: the reason why the age limit of the pistol is different from the age limit of the semi-automatic rifle is due to the 1968 Firearms Act.
The reason for the 21-year-old pistol was because Congress was concerned about the fact that the pistol was used in most crimes.
Well, that\'s still the case today.
That\'s why the numbers are still there.
Hanniti: that\'s Virginia Tech.
Most of the crimes we see are carried out with a pistol. -
With guns, 45 to 65% of people hold a pistol. 2.
2% of them were carried out with rifles.
Another thing I want to say.
Rivera: five of the last six massacre were ar-15.
Let me finish my point.
You said--
You just admit that what you said about the ban on youth assault weapons can\'t solve the problem.
If it can\'t solve the problem, you can\'t violate people\'s constitutional rights.
Dan bonnino, wait. Real quick.
Dan bongino from the former secret service: it\'s a small step, but it\'s a positive one.
You just said it couldn\'t solve anything.
This is a small step.
BONGINO: the whole debate is based on the wrong premise that Geraldo you\'re stuck in this trap, okay?
Criminals don\'t care about gun laws. They don\'t care.
Guys, look, what are the defining features of criminals?
They are criminals.
They don\'t care about rape, robbery, burglary, gun control.
You didn\'t slow them down.
This is a failed attitude that prevents us from doing anything.
No, this is not a failure.
Hanniti: no Geraldo, focus on me for a second.
We agree we need--
If we let the retired police and army into the school, we will do a threat assessment.
RIVERA: Stepping up background checks?
Hanniti: Geraldo, what I want to say to you is that we all agree that we can use the retired army and police to keep every school safe.
Do you agree with me?
Pavridge: if the teacher wants.
Rivera: Sean, five of the last six massacres were committed with AR. 15s.
There is a reason for this. AUDIENCE: Boo.
RIVERA: all the booing and all your activism is crying when you see those bodies and those kids getting dirty.
In the last sentence, Dana, we\'re leaving.
LOESCH: very soon, eight of the last mass casualties were the ones that the FBI knew.
I agree.
Tonight is a real debate.
So let\'s give it up for everyone here. Thank you all.
We proceed from CPAC. That is next. (APPLAUSE)(CHEERS)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
US President Donald Trump: I want my school to be protected, just like my bank is protected. I get a kick.
I was looking at a weak and incompetent politician last night and I will tell you the name but I don\'t want to embarrass anyone.
He\'s not talking about guns, not this, not that.
He was surrounded by three armed men.
When do they give up their guns?
They won\'t give up their guns, but he wants nobody else to have them, okay?
You have a lot too. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: it was at today\'s hearing at the White House, two days in a row after a terrible mass shooting last week.
The president is now showing leadership.
He wants to find a solution?
Protect the safety of our schools and children
Join us now and warmly welcome counsel for CPAC chairman Kellyanne Conway. (APPLAUSE)(CHEERS)Wow. All right.
So, like a lot of questions, is there a lot of school shootings?
Everyone is talking about opening Anwar, and nobody did that before President Trump?
Conway KELLYANNE, White House consultant: Yes.
Move Jerusalem.
Hanniti: everyone except Donald Trump is talking about moving the capital to Jerusalem and nobody is doing that.
Will he solve the problem of the school shooting?
CONWAY: I\'m sure he will.
I think we should all thank Donald J.
Trump is president at this time. (APPLAUSE)(CHEERS)
For the president of the United States, hold back --to-
Yesterday and Today\'s back office meeting, today\'s public safety, school safety with elected officials, police commissioner, magistrates and educators, you have the mayor of parkland, throughout the process, florida is an amazing woman.
Let him do it yesterday and today.
Yesterday, there were parents and students, and those who had suffered for years, including mass shootings in Florida.
Sean, this guy who\'s been listening?
He listened to mother Angel and father.
He listened to Obama\'s love for the victims and he listened to coal miners, families and business owners who came to the White House and how they would save taxes from any cuts.
Big business, small business, inspiring entrepreneurs, young people all over the country, because of him, their future is more prosperous and safer.
I think he has now turned it all into a scourge of our society.
And there are many.
Yesterday, the president of the United States welcomed these people into his house.
They ate at the National Restaurant and just heard him say he didn\'t know himself as politicians often do.
He did not interrupt them.
He spoke very little. Very sparingly.
He and the vice president considered everything. -
Emotion and sadness, I think, have a purpose.
Hanniti: We just played a clip of the president.
He also talked yesterday about how the school\'s shooting ended in an average of three minutes.
It will take six minutes for even the best first aid workers to get there. CONWAY: Yes.
Hanniti: That\'s why, he put forward a very good point, all these politicians, all these celebrities, all these people who want to disarm Americans who are not willing to let the retired armed forces, the retired armed police in the school, they usually have their own armed personnel security forces well protected at awards ceremonies such as Oscar.
So there\'s a lot of hypocrisy here, a bit of a lecture from people with security guards and armed guards--
At least it\'s flat on the ears of me and most people here.
Conway: The president is very good at pointing out hypocrisy.
I think in this case, in the past week, many people have said that if we really care about our children, we are all in this country, then we have to protect them at least as much as we have stadiums in many places. HANNITY: Banks.
Conway: someone talked about the bank.
Conway: Obviously there are celebrities.
I think they are the heroes of our future.
There are celebrities in their own rights and families.
They deserve the same protection as many affordable people. (APPLAUSE)
Hanniti: I have a scene where I want everyone at home, everyone here, and I want you to think for a second.
If God forbid you to find yourself in any executive building, I don\'t know where this will happen or where there will be an active shooter.
Do you want to see retired, armed, military, retired armed police on the scene so you have a chance to fight? (CHEERS)(APPLAUSE)
I think, as a simple basic front line, we should do that for American children.
Conway: The president made this point again and again today.
He turned on the camera and microphone for the second day in a row.
Not restricted, not restricted, not filtered, I would say very unexpected.
He pointed out today that we need to strengthen our goal and our school needs to be a
People who do the Holocaust believe he or she will not have their way.
If they know they are not easy to get in and do harm, they will think twice before they do it.
He made it very clear.
He is very tough on this today because he wants to make sure we solve it once and for all.
These are the necessary conversations, not simple solutions.
I think we should give great credit to the conversation between the president, the vice president and others.
Hanniti: What do you think of free media, just in a few seconds and hours, they\'re standing there with predictable talking points, attacking the president?
CONWAY: I really missed the real essence of yesterday.
If you listen very carefully to the people in that room.
They have floors.
They came with ideas.
They must have been controversial when they came.
I think the differences in the room yesterday about this effective family policy reflect, to a large extent, the differences in the country.
Such differences need to be heard.
Different ideas need to be spread.
I think there are still a lot of people in the media trying to understand the story.
I think there\'s too much to do to fight for the president.
Unfortunately, after a day like yesterday, even some of the toughest critics said it was a very positive event.
It was a very good thing for him to host a meeting at the White House.
At the same time, anyone who left yesterday and took a small clip and tried to manipulate anyone\'s words was very disingenuous about the tone and content of the whole event, to those in the room, who is the person who really speaks. (APPLAUSE)
Let\'s welcome her warmly.
We appreciate it and stick to it.
Next, the new development of fake
Next, Trump Clinton purchased and paid for the archives, Sarah Carter, Greg Gillett, Matt shrapp. Stay with us. (APPLAUSE)(CHEERS)(
Business break)
Hanniti: Well, tonight, Fox News confirmed that former State Department official, assistant to Senator John McCain, David Kramer, quoted Article 5, and there would be no reversal.
The Russian source of the Trump archives, the House Intel Committee, now joins our conservative coalition in the United States, where he puts CPAC together every year.
Sarah Carter, a Fox News contributor, investigative journalist, and Greg Jarrett, a legal analyst at Fox News, are the only Matt schrapp.
This is a big deal, especially given that Devin Nunez now says he wants Obama officials to answer 10 questions, especially in connection with the false purchases and payments that Hillary has tried to manipulate the Russian files of the American people.
Sarah Carter, Fox News writer: Yes, Sean, this is very important because if you look at who they are asking, these are senior Obama administration officials.
We know Clapper, Brennan. CARTER: Yes.
We know that someone asked Clapper, Brennan and Comey.
I\'m sure there are a lot of other State Department officials.
I don\'t want to go in that direction until we check.
There are quite a few people involved here.
This is important for David Kramer because he is a State Department official.
Remember, he was the one who went to get the file for McCain, and he brought it back.
FBI has Files.
We know that the FBI had obtained this file earlier that summer. He goes back.
He got the file.
He is defending the fifth question because he does not want to answer one question in particular.
Hanniti: What is this question?
Did he leak it to BuzzFeed?
Greg Jarrett, what is charming.
No one has verified the FBI\'s Fusion GPS file.
And then they put it in Comey and even said that the president of 2017-January
The election, it was greedy and unverified, but in October they went to the FISA court and most of the FISA application was for fake Hillary Clinton to buy and pay for the file, they never told Judge FISA that it was the money Hillary Clinton paid for the purchase.
They put a footnote in it, possibly politically.
Greg Gillett, analyst at Fox News LEAGL: It\'s interesting to do Kramer\'s thing, which can be said to be six different felonies, because he appeared on the Intelligence Committee in December 19, he said I know who Steele\'s source is and who the commission says they are?
He said I wouldn\'t tell you.
So they beat him with a subpoena and asked him to tell them that now he\'s playing fifth again.
Why did he do that?
Maybe he doesn\'t know the source or tell the truth, which is why he might quote the fifth message.
It\'s hard to know sources that Sean doesn\'t even exist.
If he knows the source and is calling the fifth source to protect them.
This is an illegal use of the privileges of the Fifth Amendment.
Let me ask Matt a different question.
Everyone said, oh, the president is a nationalist populist.
I was a Reagan conservative on the radio for 30 years.
Fox 23 years.
I think he is a conservative in the Reagan administration.
Matt Schlapp, chairman of CPAC: of course.
I know you\'re angry. (APPLAUSE)
Every year in CPAC, but your crowd is the most.
The president will be here tomorrow.
This will be a scene of a mob. (CHEERS)
SCHLAPP: That\'s right.
I think he\'s a conservative. What do you think?
SCHLAPP: I just think that these terms, all these terms, all these terms, you have to break them down.
I get along well with a patriotic president who will fight and care for our country.
Others say he is a nationalist.
I don\'t think if you think the government is too big and doing too much, they don\'t understand that, and if you think we should have constitutional judges, you don\'t think the tax law should take all of our money, reallocate.
Isn\'t that all of Reagan\'s?
You didn\'t say one thing that wasn\'t Reagan.
What I\'m talking about is removing all the titles and jargon and looking at the actions and people that are still in Trump\'s mantra, who are intellectually dishonest.
They told us that he would not be in power as a conservative.
That\'s not what he did.
HANNITY: What is the next stage, we only have a short time to deal with the archives.
Of course we know, I mean, the inspector general is investigating this. The DOJ.
Hanniti: they should know in a few weeks.
Yes, we will know in a few weeks.
It\'s about the handling of the Clinton email server, but it\'s still going on because we know he\'s investigating Deputy Director Andrew McKay.
We also know that Senator Grasley has made a criminal transfer to Christopher Steele, which will be very important.
Hanniti: We still have a lot of hanniti tomorrow night.
Carter: of course.
You have done a great job.
Matt works great at CPAC.
Thank you for inviting us.
When we came back, there was more enthusiasm and a lot of football throwing. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Well, unfortunately, you had a good time at CPAC? (APPLAUSE)(CHEERS)
Thank you again for the year.
Don\'t forget that the president will be here tomorrow, there are live reports on Fox News, and we will be back in New York tomorrow night.
Keep this show in mind, I promise, I promise my solemn oath that we are always fair and balanced, that we are not destructionTrump media.
We will give you news and information that you don\'t get anywhere else.
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All rights reserved.
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