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by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Auckland hi-Compac sorting
Technology companies that design, manufacture and install fresh fruit grading and weighing machines plan to double their size in five years.
The company employs about 400 employees directly and ships its machines around the world
90 of all the products it produces are exported.
Its global reach gives employees the opportunity to travel to locations such as North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia for sales, service and installation tasks.
The technologies developed and used by the company include digital electronics, visual systems (
Help grade production)
And complex packaging units.
Deana Barnard, human resources manager at Compac, said: \"This means we are pursuing the smartest and brightest people . \".
Part of the company\'s recruitment process is to learn about mechanical/electrical/electronic engineering, Mechatronics (
Highly sought after)
Software development and computer science.
There are usually about 250 students applying for work, and about 20 to 30 have work experience.
Among them, one or two part-time jobs can be offered when they finish their studies.
\"Compac\'s internship is a huge investment for us,\" Deana said . \".
\"But this is an investment in our future.
\"Our goal is to provide students with valuable and valuable work experience between November and February of each year.
Give students a high quality project
This is not an ordinary job.
Our goal is to identify which undergraduates will be part of our future success.
\"With the company sending its employees around the world, there are opportunities for international travel.
\"People can travel, which is a requirement for some characters,\" Deana said . \".
\"It\'s great for young people who want to see the world as a field service engineer --
They spent half their time traveling.
\"Our R & D staff can spend half of their time abroad so they can understand what our customers are doing and develop ways we can help them.
\"With the exception of New Zealand, the company has operations in Australia and North America, Italy, Spain, Uruguay and South Korea.
According to the tin 100 index, the company is the country\'s top 19 technology companies and has won numerous awards.
Which is 2010 high-
Technology exporters and 2012 high this year
This year\'s Tec company.
\"In our industry, there may be only three companies in the world that reach our size, so the opportunities for career development and progress are here,\" Deana said . \".
\"Because we operate in a growing industry, people tend to be with us --
We have a high retention rate for our employees.
We care about our employees, encourage personal and professional development and provide a valuable career.
\"The 23-year-old Jono Jackson is one of the graduates the company has hired after a summer internship.
He finished a four.
Bachelor\'s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering, University of Auckland, 2012.
\"This is a very fast-growing company,\" says Jono . \"
\"So it\'s very exciting to be part of it all.
There is a good culture here, it is positive and likes to work with your partner
We are a big family.
We all worked hard, but we enjoyed it.
\"The job is challenging, but the company will help you grow and take extra responsibility.
\"Jono won the 2013 round of the Gulf race and he has played several roles in the company.
His first job as a field service engineer involved a lot of travel --
He likes things, but it puts pressure on his ambition to participate in the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games. Long-distance runners
\"The company understands me very well and gives me a job in the R & D department, which means I can plan my training more firmly,\" he said . \".
Deana said that thanks to the company\'s active social club, this is not the whole job of the company.
\"There are barbecues every month, social activities in the year, and demonstrations of managers sharing company information every quarter --
So no one is in the dark . \" She said.
On the Internet: www. compacsort.
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