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jobs where people are paid the most money in the u.s.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Those seeking higher wages should enter areas where demand for workers often exceeds supply.
David Gley, professor of economics at the University of Waltham Bentley, Massachusetts, said that some of these areas include actuarial, banking and finance, computer and information science, engineering and data analysis.
Despite strong and relatively stable employment growth, wage growth has remained sluggish in many industries over the years.
Wages have not kept pace with job growth for many years.
Employees who want to get a higher salary can go back to school, change careers, or move to another area. About 52% of U. S.
According to a New York bank rate November report, employees have not received a raise in the past 12 months
Headquartered in financial content.
The problem worsened among employees aged 53 or over, with 64% of employees not seeing recent wage increases through salary increases or new jobs, while the younger 47% did not. Cost-of-
In 2017, living standards had declined, with only 27% of employees improving their living standards compared to 30% in 2016.
Number of performance-
Basic wage growth has also declined, with growth in 2017 falling to 37% compared with 52% in the previous year.
Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate, said: \"It is disappointing that the wages of Americans have not increased . \".
\"While young workers are experiencing career development, the income of older Americans is stagnant.
This makes it even more important to start saving as early as possible, as significant wage increases become less frequent as you age.
\"Employees with skills that require but are undersupplied have a\" better bargaining position \", he said \".
\"The same is true for those who can quantify their impact on the bottom line, especially relative to their peers.
\"Revenue in some traditional areas is still high, such as skilled computer programmers or sales executives,\" said McBride.
\"Some people always have needs,\" he said . \"
\"I have never met an accountant, engineer, or computer programmer who can\'t find a job.
\"According to data from Glassdoor, Mill Valley, California, the average base salary for adevOps engineers and data scientists is $110,000-
Based on the employment website, including comments from former employees, by checking and combining the number of job vacancies, salary and overall job satisfaction ratings.
You can also get a higher salary with a more traditional blue
Work as a collar in plumbing, HVAC technicians, manufacturing or other skilled industries in the medical or automotive field.
According to Glassdoor, the average basic salary for nurses is $100,000.
Key areas to consider include: engineering, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, life sciences, manufacturing and logistics, non-
According to Randstad North America in Atlanta, clinical healthcare and Office and Management
Based in the personnel Company.
The recruiter\'s data takes into account criteria such as the number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, and salary range.
Greg Reber, CEO of AsTech in San Francisco, said that the information security department has the highest salary --
Security consulting company.
The demand for AI and machine learning experts is also high, as both AI and information security are the company\'s very hot targets.
\"The demand for information security technology positions is higher compared to softer skills aspects such as compliance or regulatory policies, and therefore more costs are required,\" he said . \".
Bret Fund, CEO of Denver SecureSet, said not only are cyber security jobs well paid, white hat hackers are always asked to protect the company from growing daily threats
\"There are many exciting and challenging career opportunities in the network security industry at present, and the salary is very high,\" he said.
\"The number of bad hackers is increasing.
Demand for such talent will only continue to increase and wages will remain high.
\"According to Glassdoor, the median base salary for information security engineers is $100,000.
Sales and technical work often lead to higher
Pay, says Jim Fowler, founder of San Mateo Owler, California-
Companies that provide data from more than 15 million companies.
\"Any area that needs to have skills around a business that gets a lot of liquidity rewards, including software engineers, HR engineers
\"Computer Interaction, usability, and design,\" he said . \"
\"Design and availability are integral to the technology sector.
\"Software engineers will never be out of date because they are part of the technical workforce,\" Fowler said . \".
\"As a former sales person and vice president of sales, there is always a need for sales work ---
Every company needs constant sales growth.
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