jail is 1st in n.j. to scan the inside of inmates

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
The body scan of the Monmouth County Sheriff\'s Office the Monmouth County Correctional Facility was the first in the state to use X-
Officials say the prisoners were scanned by Ray. (
Monmouth County Sheriff\'s Office)FREEHOLD-
Monmouth County Correctional Facility is the first in New Jersey to purchase and operate a full range of correctional facilitiesbody X-
According to the theMonmouth County Sheriff\'s Office, Ray devices can detect objects hidden on prisoners.
In a press release, Monmouth County Sheriff Sean Golden said that the aim of these devices is to prevent smuggling of contraband such as drugs, weapons, mobile phones and smoking equipment into prison.
\"This is a problem that all prisons are facing and we are successfully addressing this and working to ensure the maximum safety of those sentenced to imprisonment and those working at the facility,\" Golden said. The B-
Scanning equipment manufactured by Smith inspection company scans prisoners in 7 seconds.
25 tiny amounts of radiation, the sheriff\'s office says, is equivalent to the amount of radiation in a banana.
In addition to the regular search received by prisoners, scanning machines, including pat-
When they enter prison, search down with one hand
When removing the metal detector in the shower area, perform a metal detector search and visual inspection. Capt.
René Roberts, who helped implement the body scanner at the Monmouth County Correctional Facility, said the scanner could help identify contraband swallowed or hidden in the cavity, which is often missed in these traditional searches.
\"This is critical because any contraband entering the prisoner\'s housing unit has the potential to lead to vandalism, injury or death,\" Roberts said in a press release . \".
The sheriff\'s office said that since its installation in MCCI in November, the scanner has detected drugs, including 30 dec grams of heroin, mobile phones, knives and materials for making weapons.
The sheriff\'s office said about 50 correctional officers were trained to use the machine for about $168,000. Before the X-
The New jersey legislature had to amend the corresponding legislation, which was signed by Governor Chris Christie in January. 2016.
\"I commend the correctional officers, the New Jersey Warden Association, and the Monmouth County select committee of freedom holders for their efforts to secure legislative support for allowing the whole body X-
\"Light screening for prisoner handling,\" Golden said . \".
\"This determination helps to ensure the safety of all people in the facility.
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