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it\'s a dirte business

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 4/6/2010 (3355 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. It was an all-
Card Canada, International-
Ping Bao\'s first stage is Joe, a local boy (El Dirte)
Dolkerson lights it up.
On Friday night, the Canadian Fighting Championship 5 took over the Winnipeg convention center with 10 mixed martial arts competitions and the score TV network, with about 3,500 fans participating in the show.
The show took place in the trademark steel ring cage of the CFC, a 30-foot-
The only diamond ring in Canada surrounded by a black steel mesh.
Come in, the security guard did a random shot with a metal detector-
Ups and Downs of age verification and identification of viewing.
Inside, a Las Vegas.
Style setting, 160 tables only a few feet from the steel ring, supported by stand seats, there is no bad chair in the house.
There are five huge screens around the floor that play playback from the cage.
Main events Doerksen and Sean (Machine Gun)
When the final battle tournament organization allowed Doerksen to honor his CFC transaction, Marchand became possible, and Doerksen recorded a submission victory at UFC 113 on May 8,
Doerksen quickly completed Marchand\'s work and released a TKO (
Stop Strike)
The first round was only 43 seconds.
\"We\'re excited. We have one.
Mark said: \"There is a big cast of Canadian actors.
Deputy general manager of CFC, Andre derot
President and matchmaker
\"I don\'t believe there\'s anything better than this --
Canada\'s battle before the Canadian \"Fluorine chloride\" (Giuseppe DeNatale) began.
\"This is the best ever here, and we are proud of it.
We are passionate, we care about what we do.
Joe\'s here is huge for us and huge for the family.
\"MMA combat can best be described as a physical chess game, using strategies and knowledge of a variety of martial arts, submission retention and fighting techniques in addition to combat skills.
The CFC is licensed for the first time by the Winnipeg convention center, allowing 16-year-
The old people like the show.
The previous minimum age was 18, but Drolet said they had many families and young fans asking for a live show.
\"In this sport, this is a big advantage for us because there are so many fans participating in this sport.
\"In Winnipeg, there may be hundreds of children aged 14
Within the 18 ranges of training in this sport are fans of the sport, know all of these people and, in many cases, train with these people.
\"This card includes 11 Manitoba fighters, and Travis Jeva of Winnipeg met with Brandon\'s Justin Bromer in a lightweight match (155 pounds).
Both of them made their professional debut.
Although there is a significant difference in height, but 5-foot-
Gervais beat his opponent 6-6
In the 15 seconds of the second round of the technical knockout, the feet swell.
Next to the main event, Drolet said that the bantam weight match between Winnipeg\'s Roland Delom and Regina\'s Sean Quinn attracted the most interest.
\"Both entered the top 10 with 135 results (pounds).
After that I will push the winner of this fight to some places and maybe introduce No1 guy.
\"The card will be broadcast on the Score TV network on June 19. ashley. Prest @ freepress. mb.
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