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irvington bust yields \'drugstore on wheels\'

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
Three men arrested for a cat. and-
Undercover police hunted down mice, injuring a policeman and allegedly at home
Authorities said today that the drug business has broken down.
29-year-old dasson Jones is from Newark, 25-year-old Sharif Woods is from Irvington, and 22-year-old James Williams is from East Orange, accused of possession of drugs and weapons, according to Armando Fontoura, Essex County Sheriff.
Plainclothes detectives at Essex County Street Crime Unit, after receiving complaints from residents about drug trafficking, went to the Elmwood Terrace and the intersection of Springfield Avenue. At 10:45 a. m.
On Saturday, investigators witnessed Jones selling drugs from his 1999 Mercury mink, Fontoura said.
According to the authorities, the police in the unmarked car followed Jones to a house on Florence Street, when Woods came out of the House and delivered a package to Jones.
\"It looks like Jones is running a wheel pharmacy,\" Fontoura said . \".
\"When Jones returned to his source to add, our officer moved in.
\"The authorities surrounded Jones\'s car, but the suspect reversed his car and crashed into a police car, causing detective Bart Tammy to have a minor elbow injury.
Jones was arrested at the scene and found to have 30 packs of heroin, authorities said.
He was also charged with a serious attack on a law enforcement officer.
Inside the house, police found Woods and Williams trying to hide the parcel under the bed, authorities said.
Police searched the site and seized 10 bags of heroin and drug processing and packaging equipment.
A pistol loadedloaded 12-
$460 in cash.
Three suspects were taken to Essex County prison in Newark.
Woods and Williams received a $75,000 bail and Jones received a $50,000 bail.
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