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inside richard branson’s first virgin voyages cruise ship – that is only for the young at heart

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Virgin\'s first cruise ship was revealed
This is not for the elderly (
Or children).
Sir Richard Branson\'s latest adventure-Virgin Marine announced the first of its three very modern passenger ships, from 2020 to our ocean.
The Scarlet Lady can accommodate 2,700 passengers-or sailors --
And 1,150 crew members.
The purpose of the virgin voyage is to attract people to board ships that normally do not think of cruising and are not suitable for the OAP market.
Sir Richard said: \"This is for young people.
Don\'t come if you\'re continuing and don\'t want to have fun.
When he was 27 years old, he first thought of the idea of a cruise, and he initially wanted it to be \"a cruise ship under 30 \".
\"There is no age cap, but these features have an impact on the youth group, there is a state --of-the-
Art night club with \"killer dj\", boxing stand, running track and oversized play area with huge jenga and pool table.
The crowd will not be too young, though, because none of the people on board will be over 18, as the cruise will run a strict adult --only policy.
But that is not to say that children will not be welcomed in the days to come, Sir Richard said: \"In a few years we will have a lot of fun designing the best space for children.
\"The Virgin child will be born.
\"The passenger ship will sail around the Caribbean from the Port of Miami, and the next two ships will sail on 2021 and 2022 respectively.
The shipyard is currently under construction at Fincantieri pier in Genoa, all three ships will be home one day in the future, and Richard does not rule out \"Mediterranean or Balkan\" as a possible destination for the future.
People in the UK may even get a glimpse of a passenger ship, which Richard says he will \"jump on the Thames\" to show off, but admits: \"In the UK, most people would rather leave the UK, go to a warm place.
\"It could be a struggle to cross Kent, the ship itself is not designed like an ordinary cruise ship, health is the vision of virgin voyage, known as the vitamin sea. A Venice Beach-
Esque \'Art adult fairgrounds \'will be equipped with a stylish gym and bar, cold
Juice and pool. The B-
The complex host \"build, burn, bike and balance room\", along with sunrise and sunset yoga, will offer free exercise classes.
Meanwhile, inspired by underwater caves, a spa called \"redemption\" offers massages, mud baths and salt rooms.
Today, self-maintenance is not only for ladies, but also for modern men, a men\'s beauty package is offered at the stubble and groom bar
Pedis services provided by dry dock salon.
Branson also has a strong idea of who will be staffed for his vessel and plans to launch the \"scarlet Red Squadron\" program, which aims to bring more women into leadership roles in the field.
As Richard said: \"If there is a female captain and a male captain, we will take the female captain.
\"Not just sailing under the name of Ms. Scarlet red, a mermaid decorated the side of the boat-a step back to the icon decorated with the vessel mask --
It is said to be the \"strong spiritual guide\" of the new liner \".
Virgin Atlantic has also made waves in another important area: the environment.
With the spirit of bringing epic ocean changes to all, they ban singleuse plastics.
For a green alternative, plastic bottles, straws, food packaging, mixers, coffee cups, condiments bags, shopping bags and beverage bottles have all been avoided.
Many cleaning schemes will see waste water being recycled and converted into energy when possible, and some of them will be used to refuel the vessel.
Prices and cabins have not been announced yet, but it is believed that prices will exceed the budget but be lower than luxury goods.
As Richard said: \"Everything will be five stars, but it is interesting, not the price of five stars.
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