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ib officer caught with gun | chandigarh news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Chandigarh: in an incident that was exposed on Friday but happened two days ago, the assistant director of the Central Intelligence Agency (IB)
Captured from Delhi by CISF authorities at Chandigarh airport because they owned
Without a license, 32-caliber pistol and 3 rounds of live ammunition.
As neither CISF nor Chandigarh police, who are in charge of airport security, knew what to do, the situation caused considerable drama.
Assistant director KK Pandey will fly from here to Delhi, but when he passes the metal detector the machine shows that the officer has something objectionable.
He was immediately surrounded by CISF personnel and found weapons in his brief case.
This matter has attracted attention to the SSP of UT, who sent the DSP (central)
Deal with this situation.
Sources said that some officials from the changdigarh department of IB also came to the scene.
Pandi was brought to the industry.
31 police stations and a demobilization programme were registered with him.
Strangely, the demobilization programme mentioned that the incident was a mistake and the police did not find any problems.
However, senior officials insist that Pandi was found guilty of two mistakes, one with weapons and bullets in his handbag and the other with no licence.
Weapons and bullets were seized by the authorities and were released only when an IB officer took a copy of the gun permit he had faxed from Delhi.
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