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\'i could smell the gunpowder\'; fort lauderdale airport gunman picked off passengers

by:Kenwei      2019-09-01
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. —
The gunman walked through the baggage claim without saying a word and took the traveler away until his pistol was exhausted, killing five people and injuring six at Fort Lauderdale airport.
Panicked witnesses ran out of the terminal building and spilled luggage on the tarmac.
Others hid in the bathroom booth, or squatted behind the car, or anything else they could find, as police and carers rushed to help the wounded on Friday and determined if there were any other gunmen.
Authorities say a veteran complained that the government had taken control of his mind and he pulled a gun out of his checked baggage when he arrived to shoot other travellers.
Bruce hugong flew on vacation from Indy and was on the baggage conveyor belt when he heard four or five loud noises and saw everyone fall to the ground.
He said a woman next to him tried to stand up and shot in the head.
\"That guy must have stood in front of me.
\"I can smell gunpowder,\" he said . \".
\"I thought I was going to feel the sting of pain, or nothing, because I was going to die.
The gunman was identified as 26. year-
Old estban San Diego in Anchorage, Alaska, served in the Iraqi National Guard, but was demoted and retired last year for poor performance.
His brother says he\'s been receiving psychological treatment recently.
His family also said he had recently become the father of his son.
A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that on November, Santiago walked into Anchorage\'s FBI office and said that the United StatesS.
The government controls his mind and lets him watch the Islamic State video.
Agents question an excited and disconnected person.
The official said he sounded like San Diego and then called the police, who took him to a mental health assessment, who was not authorized to discuss the case and spoke anonymously.
FBI agent George Piero, who is in charge of the Miami field office, confirmed that San Diego had entered Anchorage\'s office and said he made it clear at the time that he had no intention of hurting anyone.
Pirlo said the authorities were investigating clues from several states but did not rule out terrorism.
\"We are looking at it from every angle, including the perspective of terrorism,\" said Piro . \" He said San Diego will face federal charges and is expected to appear in court on Monday.
Although many flights were canceled or delayed and long-line passengers were forming, the airport reopened early on Saturday.
It is legal for airline passengers to travel with guns and ammunition, as long as the guns are placed in a checked bag --not a carry-on —
Uninstalled and locked in a hardDouble sided container.
Guns must be declared to airlines at the time of inspectionin.
San Diego arrived at Fort Lauderdale on Thursday night after taking off from Anchorage on a Delta flight and checked in only one piece of luggage --
Jesse Davis, chief of police at Anchorage airport, said his gun.
At Fort Lauderdale, \"after he claimed the bag, he walked into the bathroom, loaded the gun and started shooting.
We don\'t know why, \"said Chip LaMarca, Broward County Commissioner, who was briefed by investigators.
The gunman was detained after throwing his empty weapon down.
A witness said the eagle was on the ground.
\"People are starting to scream and try to get out of any door they can or hide under the chair,\" witness Mark Lee told MSNBC . \".
\"He just kept coming in and just shot at people casually with no rhyme or reason.
According to Lea, the Fort Lauderdale gunman said nothing because he \"walked up and down the carousel at the baggage claim and approached the Hidden Man by luggage shooting \".
Killer says the Killer browsed about three magazines before the ammo ran out.
Sheriff Scott Israel said the gunman was safely arrested and no law enforcement officers shot and was being questioned by the FBI.
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says 37 people were injured
Bruises, bruises and fractures
In the commotion after the shooting
Six wounded were still treated in hospital on Saturday morning.
Three in good condition, three in intensive care unit.
The bloodshed could raise questions about whether air safety officials need to change the rules.
The attack also exposed another weakness in airport security: when travelers have to take off their shoes, put in what they carry with them --
Through X-on luggage
The shooting machine and the arrival of the boarding gate through metal detectors, many other parts of the airport, such as the ticket counter and the baggage claim area, are more vulnerable to attack.
\"The fact is that no matter where there are people, like at our airport, we are vulnerable to such attacks,\" Nelson said . \". U. S.
The White House said President Obama was briefed by homeland security advisers. President-
The elected Donald Trump said this is \"a shameful situation that is happening in our country and around the world,\" and it is too early to say whether this is a terrorist attack or not.
San Diego\'s brother Brian told the Associated Press that his brother received psychological treatment in Alaska.
He said his girlfriend in San Diego reminded his family of the situation in recent months.
Brian Santiago said he had no idea what treatment his brother was receiving and they never talked about it.
San Diego was born in New Jersey and moved to Puerto Rico at the age of two, he said.
According to Marjie, a spokesman for the Puerto Rican National Guard, he was sent to Iraq in 2010 and spent a year in 130 engineering battalion. Paul Dahlen.
He later joined the Alaska National Guard.
The Pentagon says San Diego has repeatedly left his job while serving in the Alaska National Guard and has been demoted.
From expert to Private First Class-
A general discharge lower than a glorious discharge is given.
Associated Press Writers Frida friesboro, Kurt Anderson and Adriana GomezLicon in Miami; Lolita C.
Baldor and Eric Tucker in Washington
Becky Bole of Juno, Alaska
David conig from Dallas
Danica Coto of San Juan, Puerto Rico contributed to the report.
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