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hustlers evicted from pyramids

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
The country\'s authorities have set up a 12-
The mile fence with infrared sensors and security cameras creates a no-go area around three Giza pyramids and the lion\'s face, the lion\'s face on a rocky plateau on the edge of Cairo.
\"This is a zoo,\" said Zahi Hawass, Egypt\'s chief archaeologist.
\"Now we are protecting tourists and monuments.
\"In the past, large sites containing huge monuments --
The only surviving member of the seven wonders of the ancient world
Protected by a low stone wall and miles of open desert.
Vendors from neighbouring slums are notorious for selling cheap trinkets or horseback riding to foreign tourists in their unscrupulous and occasionally aggressive ways.
Some tourists also violated the rules.
Climb up the uneven sides of the three largest Humph pyramids and occasionally suffer a fatal fall.
However, since many tombs and other archaeological sites have only been partially excavated and are still open to tourists, the authorities are determined to start protecting them.
The new entrance to the site is a metal detector and X-ray machines.
\"We are doing a better job for tourists,\" Shaban Abdul said . \"
Gawad, head of the Egyptian school of antiquities Supreme Council, even the toilet is \"better Standard \".
\"These changes are part of the £ 13 million program that started improving the site seven years ago.
A new lighting system, a cafeteria, a visitor center and a bookstore will also be installed.
Once the project is completed, the golf car will drive visitors to visit the site, similar to the King\'s Valley of Luxor and other ancient sites in Egypt.
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