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hundreds and thousands: inside the country\'s only fairy bread factory

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
Kim Knight visited the creators of colorful childhood delicacies and asked if fairy bread could survive in sugarfree future.
The air in the factory is very sweet.
Bright white sugar.
Clap your hands and make a wish.
We are behind a fairy tale.
In industrial Avondale, the toes of your shoes must be closed.
When it\'s morning tea, the milk is regular, and the pie is filled with meat.
The workers make rubber mats,
Water tank and shelf unit in professional store.
Avondale is the center of the universe that we take for granted.
Obviously, if there is a fairy bread factory in New Zealand, you will find it here. Wait.
Is there a fairy Bakery in New Zealand?
Technically, Carol Industries produces ingredients and ingredients.
Chocolate spill, hokey pokey kibles, sand-grinding sugar and-
For the purpose of this story
Candy vendors call these small colorful balls \"different\", which is \"different\" in French \".
But anyone with a childhood knows what they are: the carrot sticks are just the opposite.
Modern children eat plants
Sausage roll and sugar
Free tomato sauce
Their birthday cake is gluten free and yogurt is made from coconuts, not from cows.
Fairy bread is an anomaly.
From the time the phone was still hanging on the wall, it was a bready, butter, sugary survivor.
Is fairy bread promising?
Earlier this month, a group of children attending school holidays made a long trek through the Oakland newsroom at The New Zealand Herald.
I cut the crust off a cheap piece of white bread and applied it with yellow butter to soften from the microwave.
I pressed these slices on a small rainbow ball and cut the bread into triangles.
Those kids eat that passionate fairy bread and chia seed bliss ball will never inspire them.
Where did hundreds of people come from?
\"I think it\'s made by machines,\" said one child . \"
\"I don\'t think people work for success.
Actually: \"They make machines, and then they make them.
\"A little girl standing on my left was quiet for a while.
\"Maybe the elves created them,\" she said.
\"Yes,\" said the first child . \"
\"I think they are too busy to make toys for Santa Claus.
The little girl turned her eyes.
\"I mean food elves. \" Well, duh.
No one knows exactly when only thousands of manufacturers in the country will open, but long ago ,(
Or, at least in 1977, when it was registered in the company\'s office)
It is called Wansen industry.
Keith Chapman bought the business from the Dutch owner, named Carol industrial in his middle name, and has been operating for more than a decade since the beginning of 1980.
Canvas found a recliner in Brisbane.
The factory was in Henderson when Chapman owned the factory.
He remembers punching in at the end of each day and sticking it together with sugar.
\"You go home like a big lollipop.
\"Where did hundreds of people come from?
\"It\'s actually a tricky, bloody little thing.
Chapman sold it when he was 50.
He and Diane jumped on the yacht and never returned to Auckland.
\"I\'m one of the lucky people,\" said the 69-year-old. year-old.
\"Go out and do it, don\'t talk about it!
Roll off your ass and do it.
\"For more than a century, New Zealanders have spilled thousands of water.
A National Library newspaper search shows a 1897-night standard \"tips for housewives\" column that calls for candy to be sprinkled on desserts stewed with rhubarb, cold cream and whipped cream.
In 1910, readers of the Alexandra Herald were encouraged to decorate their sponges and jam little things with \"those little colored sweets.
\"Night star\" reported the arrival of the Navy ship H. 1933. M. S.
A boat party was held for more than 1000 children dressed as \"Red Indians, Cowboys, firefighters,\" handmade \"women, jockeys, skaters, etc.
There is a small alley, a 300ft wire rope, \"the children enjoy the delightful tea of bread, cake, bread sprinkled with non-Parini and chocolate in the 500-meter relay \".
Historians accept the first use of the word \"fairy bread\" in hundreds of contexts
On 1929, a children\'s party was held in Hobart Mercury.
Prior to this, fairy bread was a thin and crisp toast in Australia and New Zealand.
A newspaper article promotes it as weight.
Loss of help: \"There is no bread roll, only fairy bread;
Potatoes, sugar or butter should not be included.
It is presumed that the sweet version was named after the poem of Robert Louis Stevenson, 1885: \"dusty feet, come up!
There is fairy bread here. . .
\"In Australia, November 24 is the national fairy bread day.
Qantas once added fairy tale bread kangaroo to pop music
Buffet restaurant in Sydney Airport.
When the rest of the world tries to understand the rainbow, fairy bread \"interpreters\" surge online
Colorful wonders of childhood.
\"Hundreds of what?
Asked a foodie when he showed the recipe.
Back in the Oakland newsroom at The Herald, I asked our junior panel why they liked fairy bread.
Because it\'s great.
Everyone likes to eat white bread.
It\'s white bread with icing sugar.
Stuart Walker is a former managing director of Hansells Food Group. During its 12-month set-
In the last stage, he was the acting chief executive of FoodBowl.
A facility where a company can create a commercial operation of new food for the market-
Testing without investing in large manufacturing plants.
Walker entered Carol industrial as a consultant.
The factory has changed hands at least twice since Chapman\'s time.
\"How is the old shaving advertisement going?
I like this company very much. I bought it.
That was eight and a half years ago.
He signed his email.
When I called to ask if we could make a video in the factory, he said, \"I think you would want to see if we keep the room for Oompa Loompas?
\"Auckland\'s answer to Willie Wonka was to greet us outside a humble gray building --of-
Two sides of Norfolk pine tree.
In the storm, a branch fell off the roof of the factory like a long gun and broke.
The night shift heard an explosion.
And a few meters, this is probably the most disastrous New Zealand headline in the history of headlines.
Today\'s security briefing is routine.
Hair nets, white lab coats and those ubiquitous closurestoe shoes.
Walker showed us a machine that grinded 20 tons of Chelsea sugar into powder every month.
\"Sugar is our main ingredient.
Maybe 75 of our raw materials are sugar, and while we don\'t grow sugar in New Zealand, we get all the sugar from a company in New Zealand.
At least profit from refining-
About $300. $350 a tonne -
It is re-entering the local economy to create jobs for New Zealanders.
\"He took us through a ribbon mixer with corn starch and malt right-spin sugar.
\"Then we put it in the bathtub and started the manufacturing process.
Walker pushed away a wide, flappy plastic strip curtain.
A long time ago, there was a factory that produced thousands of products.
No smell-
Thousands of sugar are not cooked so the sugar has never been caramelized
But when you open your mouth, your taste buds will be covered with sweet dust.
High ceiling with lots of natural light.
You are in a movie where heaven is depicted as a waiting room in a single color.
The workers wear white, the machine is white, and the wall is white.
The air is very, very dry.
\"There is a saying in our business --
Drying is our best friend.
There will be no problem with the mold if you can keep moisture.
The molds will exist, but they will not grow without moisture.
Walker didn\'t shout, but it was noisy.
The two rows of machines that look like the crossover between a concrete mixer and an old-fashioned hood hairdryer make a continuous, dull roar.
Technically, these machines are called \"pots \".
They kept turning over and over.
Workers add a little water and they combine and grow when sugar particles rotate.
\"It\'s like a snowball,\" Walker explained . \"
\"They get bigger and then we take out the size we want.
\"Some quick and curious facts about hundreds of thousands: the best size is 1. 5mm -
It\'s too brittle to be bigger.
There are seven colors in common color mixing (White included).
All the non-parries are white.
It takes about 20 minutes to stir to color a batch of products and 10-
Dry properly for 12 hours.
Each batch goes through a sieve and a metal detector.
The factory introduces technology from the milk powder factory;
It commissioned the female prisoner of Christchurch to sew 1200 pieces of pure white plate cloth.
The biggest industry trend?
Walker confirmed: \"Natural pigment . \"
Pink from beets, blue from Gardenia and spirulina, Orange from Pepper, yellow from yellow ginger, black from burned vegetables.
\"Know your electronic number,\" said the notice on the wall of smoko.
\"By default, all the new businesses we are doing are natural colors, but the real hardcore cake decorators just want the brightness,\" Walker said . \".
There is another color: lemon yellow, carmine red, bright blue.
Back in our newsroom, I asked the kids what their favorite color was and every second one said blue.
I also asked them if they had different flavors in different colors.
Did they confirm?
It tastes like sugar.
Walker does not know why New Zealanders and Australians call it \"hundreds and hundreds\" of non-Parais.
\"You look at them and you say, \'Well, there must be thousands of people there.
In Europe, you may hear what they call \"dragees,\" he said \".
In the United States, especially in Philadelphia and Boston, the longer the pieces are squeezed, the more called \"Jimmy \".
I asked a worker named Joe what was the appeal of being a candy technician.
He is thin and has a heavy tattoo.
\"I am a very healthy person. It is a very practical job --
I really don\'t have to go to the gym.
\"He can listen to music when he works, and he likes color.
In the end, he said, he had already covered the Red Army and the Blues with ink on his arms.
\"I like this \".
Inevitable Ooompa Loompa joke?
\"Oh, you should be here when we do orange!
\"October is actually orange peak.
The color of Halloween this month will be very popular.
The factory made a lot of red and green things at Christmas.
Sometimes rugby clubs ask for batches of custom team colors, and Walker emphasizes equal supply to political parties.
They have big business customers.
He can\'t say all the names, but he is very proud of the products they made for the limited edition Whittaker chocolate bar.
Why hundreds of appeals?
\"I think it\'s just color and change.
Anyone in the cake decoration industry is selling color and light.
\"Carol industries is the only such factory in New Zealand.
For anyone who wants to start from scratch today, the market is too small, he said.
\"You need millions of dollars when you get the equipmenthow . . .
For a new player, the entry threshold is high enough that it is unlikely that someone will come in and do so.
But he hopes that the future of fairy bread is \"good.
This sugar must be looked at from the context: \"Only about 2 to 3 cents of what you eat is actually hundreds of thousands.
\"In the factory, we watched Joe add red to a pot of white balls.
It spins like raspberry ripple ice cream, but the best hasn\'t arrived yet.
Along the floor of the factory, seven separate color buckets were placed in a mixer.
\"This place is very beautiful,\" Walker said . \".
Balls spin and slide like unicorns and rainbowswell -fairies.
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