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How to use a checkweigher?

by:Kenwei      2022-10-04
The automatic checkweigher is equipped with a high-precision weighing sensor, which ensures the detection accuracy of the machine, the weighing is accurate and stable, and is equipped with a temperature and noise compensation system, no noise pollution, and the machine runs more stably, which is very suitable for assembly line production. So how can we use the automatic checkweigher efficiently? It has become the first problem to be solved. Next, Xiaobian from Zhongshan Kenwei will bring you some suggestions for your reference. How to use the automatic checkweigher machine: (1) Keep good weighing habits when using it. During the weighing process, try to place it in the middle of the electronic checkweigher, so that the platform weighersensor can balance the force. Avoid the uneven force of the weighing platform and the slight inclination, which will lead to inaccurate weighing and affect the service life of the electronic platform scale (2) Check whether the horizontal steam drum is centered before each use to ensure the accuracy of weighing (3) Frequently clean the impurities on the sensor (4) Always check whether the wiring is loose, broken, whether the grounding wire is reliable, and whether the limit gap is reasonable, and whether the weigherbody is in contact or collision with other items Wait. If you have any questions, you can click here to contact us at any time, and our company will provide you with the most professional service!
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