how president garfield died; or being grateful for modern medicine, despite the cost

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
Even though the modern medical association destroys the health of your wallet, do I want to thank it?
All you have to do is read about health care when President Garfield was shot by an assassin about 1880.
The sad story caught our attention as a result of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Health and medicine on the campus of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
The exhibition was designed to mark 125 anniversary of his assassination.
First of all, the gentleman lived for 80 days after being shot twice by an assassin, and the assassin will not be named because we do not believe in promoting such villains, because we think that this rapid notoriety will encourage the rest of those who cross the track.
The first bullet just wiped the president\'s arm.
However, the second hit the right side of his back and stuck it on his torso.
The display shows it goes through his first lumbar or lower lumbar spine.
Today, such shells are easily found and extracted.
After receiving an injection similar to the body, President Reagan quickly got up and left the hospital.
But things were completely different at the time.
Doctors at Garfield Docters do not have modern diagnostic machines to help them with their vision and they are unable to decide where the bullets are placed.
More than a dozen medical experts often use unsterilized instruments or explore places of penetration with their bare hands.
At that time, British surgeon Joseph Lister developed a aseptic procedure in 1860, but it was not appreciated in the colony.
Historians agree that Garfield died not from bullets, but from massive infections caused by non-sterile medical practices.
A desperate observer suggested that doctors should turn the president upside down to see if the bullet would fall.
The exhibits also include images of metal detectors designed by Alexander Graham Bell for locating bullets.
Unfortunately, his invention failed to detect its location.
Historians believe that the reason may be that the device picked up the metal coil on the presidential mattress, or because
Bell only searches on the right side of garfield\'s body, where the head doctor thinks the bullet is.
The autopsy showed that the deadly bullet hit his spine but did not hit the spinal cord.
It does not clip any major arteries or veins and does not enter any major organs.
In fact, it is stuck in the fat tissue, that is, in the fat on the left side of his back. Dr.
Ira Rutkow, a professor of surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey and a medical historian, points out that there is such a non-fatal wound in barngarfield.
In today\'s world, he will go home in a day or two or three.
In addition to causing infections with non-sterile techniques, Dr. Garfield Docters also limited his solid food intake because they thought the bullet might have punctured his intestines.
\"They basically starved him to death . \"
Rutkow said he pointed out that the president lost more than 100 pounds from being shot to death.
Aseptic operation was finally widely adopted in the United States in early 1890s. The X-
Ray was also found in 1890s.
The assassin was hanged in 1882.
He even accused the doctor at garfield of saying that I just shot him.
So, next time you get a big medical bill, think about Garfield.
While you can still regret the cost, thank you for your lucky star modern medicine.
When people complain about the benefits of modern sexual problems, I always remember that modern medicine is one of the real positive revelations of human potential to improve destiny, and the worst aspects are often self-inflicted.
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