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house extends ban on plastic guns without tightening rules against 3d-printed weapons

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
The House agreed to extend the 1988 gun bill for another decade in a voice vote in Washington on Tuesday to send it to the Senate, lawmakers are expected to return from next Monday\'s leave the day before the legislation expires.
If approved by the Senate, federal law will continue to prohibit the manufacture, import, sale, transportation, delivery or transfer of any circumvented metal detectors, x-
Ray machines and other types of screening equipment.
Recently, 3D printing technology is considered to have made guns that contain only the only metal parts that are easily removed, however, guns developed using digital blueprints are made of polymers emitted by computers
Even in the most limited areas, the connected printer can be brought in.
At the moment, guns that seem to be made of all plastic usually contain metal parts that are generally useless in terms of design, and I just want to make sure that the metal detector gets an alert when the weapon is nearby.
However, as 3D printing becomes more and more common and adopted by amateurs, amateurs and anyone who can use a printer, guns can be made in the privacy of their own homes, without any parts that can be detected by the machine.
According to The Associated Press, Senate Democrats have discussed amending the gun bill that cannot be tested, including a provision requiring plastic guns to have at least one metal part to fire,, objections from the National Rifle Association and other gun advocacy groups, among others, have made onlookers expect Congress to pass the bill in its current form without any change.
If there is no proposed fix, the law will be extended and the 3D gun may prove that the legislation is useless.
\"When making these 3D guns, some weapons can beat the normal detection of metal detectors, wands, etc. , which may give problems to public safety belts in places such as airports, an arena, a court, \"Richard maryanos, assistant director of the US Department of Alcohol, said tobacco, guns and explosives told NPR last month.
Earl Griffith, a colleague from Earl Griffith, head of gun technology at the federal office, told USA Today that the non-detectable Firearms Act \"made sense in 1988,\" by the standards of the time, forcing gun manufacturers to include enough metal to detonate detectors is a \"forward-looking idea \".
However, due to the fact that technology has surpassed the efforts of Congress, a lot has changed in just 25 years.
\"At that time, in 1988, the concept of a 3D plastic gun was science fiction,\" representing Steve Israel (D-New York)
Tell the newspaper on November.
\"Now, a month later, it\'s a reality.
\"In fact, Cody Wilson, Texas
Based on distributed defense
Earlier this year, a non-profit organization released a digital blueprint for 3D plastic
Printed guns known as liberators
Told reporters on Monday, \"it\'s clear that there is no one between you, your computer and your 3D printer.
\"Anyone can make this gun,\" Wilson added, his Liberator model was warned by the State Department when it was released online earlier this year.
\"The expiry of this law, coupled with advances in 3D printing technology, has turned a once-assumed threat into a terrible reality,\" Sen said.
Charles Schumer (D-NY)
Said in his own statement.
\"We are actively exploring all options for passing legislation to eliminate the threat of weapons that are not fully detected.
\"According to the current law, it is legal as long as there is some metal in the plastic gun, even if it is easy to disassemble,\" he continued . \".
\"The bill we will try to pass in the Senate will solve the problem.
However, when the Senate is prepared to make a trade-off before the law expires, the NRA insists against any amendments.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, the organization said: \"NRA strongly opposes any expansion of the gun bill that cannot be tested, including the application of UFA to the development of magazines, gun parts or new technologies
\"The NRA has been working for months to stop Senator Chuck Schumer and others from expanding the UFA.
We will continue to actively oppose any expansion of the UFA or any other proposal that violates our rights to the Second Amendment.
The NRA added that the simple re-authorization \"will not extend the UFA in any way, but given that the effort of\" The development of new technologies \"may mean that Americans can be banned by producing their own metals --detector-
Keeping away from guns makes gun lovers very upset.
To the Democratic Party-
S. Legislative adviser Mike Hammond told The Associated Press that the Senate wants to amend the UFA, which will be a \"Christmas gift\" for liberal lawmakers \".
\"The bill in the house is better than nothing, but not good enough,\" Sen said . \"
Schumer joined the store again this week.
However, according to The Associated Press, the deadline for the upcoming expiration of the UFA may allow Democrats to approve the extension without additional requirements.
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