have they no shame?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Victoria has the right to be disappointed in spring.
Today\'s Sunday Herald published a four-page investigation detailing the cost claim for the Victoria taxpayer network --
Government officials based overseas.
There are 12 foreign ministries in Victoria.
They include London, San Francisco, Dubai and Tokyo.
According to the government, they are looking for foreign investors and helping Victorian companies make deals overseas.
Victoria is part of a global machine that must operate in this way, and this modern economic reality is beyond doubt.
In fact, our agency\'s mission statement of \"investment and employment-
The general or commissioner is known to be patriotic.
The government boasted that they were responsible for a $8 billion investment in our state.
But, after today\'s revelations, it is important to ask serious questions about the accountability of these offices on important issues of how to spend public money morally.
Evidence of luxury decoration, tuition, limo and penny --
Reimbursement of pinch expenses-
Funds for all taxpayers
The thousands of documents published under Freedom of information are detailed.
The documents cover approximately eight years, showing that the mission spent at least $50 million on Victoria.
This is also a conservative figure.
All costs are not included in these documents.
Most missions have been operating for more than eight years and the file only details medium-term expenditures2007.
In a more shocking claim, the amount claimed by our agent, Audi A8, is approximately $100,000.
General David Buckingham of London
According to the receipt, only the best will do so;
Xenon headlights, \"delux front center armrest\" and walnut finish on the dashboard.
Taxpayers pay for Renault at Kingston Tower, London
What is the official residence of our agent? general.
The document shows $1576 in 2002.
$55 spent on new ovens, $2183 on carpet and furniture cleaning, and $31,625 on refurbished bathrooms in 2005. The strange thing isball claims; $331. 72 for a hand-
Metal detectors collected by the London office, the \"Harvey Nichols food\" promotion in London is $2750 and $155.
The cost of \"flower maintenance\" in Dubai is $286.
Buy a bunch of flowers in Jakarta for $407.
Buying a cloakrack and umbrella rack in Tokyo costs $1642.
90 \"media baggage fee\" in Tokyo \".
With wine; $347.
In San Francisco, the cost of a dinner was $1075.
88 reception wine in Tokyo (
At least they drank Victorian wine. , $208.
73 beer and food about the \"Office event\" held in San Francisco.
But for families struggling with electricity, water, gas and public transportation, the most irritating thing is the money that shameless bureaucrats claim.
Most notably, the expenses reimbursed by a civil servant through the San Francisco office; dry cleaning ($40. 89), bubble-Envelope ($1. 34)
Tips for parking attendants ($55. 22)
Flowers for desks ($20. 87)
McDonald\'s fast food ($6. 28)
Fast food with KFC ($9. 32).
Then the final insult: $15.
Taxi fare from Caesars Palace to Hutus Hotel
Its trademark plump women\'s thin clothes, undershirt beer-
Dinner with local residents.
What is the reason for this statement?
Both sides of Spring Street are responsible for this excess culture. In fact, two ago
Andre halmeyer (Labor)
Victor Peyton (Liberal)
Recently appointed to Germany and the United States.
But Labor is in power.
Last night, the office of British Prime Minister John bloomby ordered an immediate investigation into \"owl fees \".
The probe should be expanded quickly to cover all costs.
Theeditor @ sundayheraldsun. com.
Are they not shameful?
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