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hapless treasure hunters dig up ancient roman hoard of gold coins… only to be told they were fakes buried for hit bbc show

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
Treasure hunt friends think they shipped out gold with Roman coins
But they are fake for the BBC hit.
Metal exploration fans Paul Adams and Andy Sampson dance on a venue where they stumble upon something that looks like an ancient coin.
They think the value of 54 collections could be as high as £ 250,000, and they spend the rest of the day dreaming about how to spend their wealth.
But when an expert told them he was worried that they were fake, they changed from Nero to zero.
Before confirming they were TV props
A television production company mistakenly left a convincing replica while filming the BBC series Detective, starring McKenzie Crocker and Toby Jones.
In a scene that appeared in the first episode of the last series, the replica coins were buried in a Roman pottery jar and then taken to the ground by a tractor 2,000 years later.
The production company thought they later picked up all the coins, but unfortunately Paul, 58, and Andy, 54, left some coins.
\"I think we are the most unfortunate metal detector in the world,\" said Andy.
Our story will make a TV show by ourselves.
\"I was paying off my mortgage and buying a sports car in my head.
We thought we were looking at the real McKee.
\"Now I look at them and want to cry.
\"The two men together delivered oxygen to medical patients and started testing a year ago.
They were allowed to sweep through the fields of Suffolk, where Andy had previously found a Roman coin.
They started searching for areas they could see recently plowed, and Paul\'s machine started.
Andy, from Ipswich, Suffolk, said, \"I heard Paul yell, \'Yeah!
I looked up and saw him dancing.
He screamed \"Roman gold, Roman gold\" and floated to me.
\"Too excited to understand, the couple went home and planned to inform the landlord and the relevant authorities the next day.
Before that, they showed their neighbors that he had been a detective for 40 years and was a member of the Suffolk Archaeological investigation.
Andy said: \"When I put my eyes on the table, he couldn\'t believe his eyes.
But as soon as he picked up one, he said, \"these are wrong, they are not real \".
\"When Sam, the wife found, worked in the real estate office on the farm, she remembered that the detective had been filming there recently.
The phone call to the production company showed that they put the replica gold coins on the ground while filming the scene.
They explained that they thought they had picked them up later, but left some.
Instead, each of these replicas is worth £ 5, making hoarding worth just £ 70.
\"I don\'t think we know whether we laugh or cry,\" said Andy.
It was a little bad luck, but we all laughed.
\"Apparently, the production company told McKenzie Kruck that he thought it was funny.
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