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grzegorz paczek, airport security guard, saves baby with amazing catch (video)

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
The work of the airport security guard is not often praised, but glazegoz pachek may be the exception. The quick-
Thinking guard was hailed as a \"hero\" after a security video of kat Wiz in Poland\"
Pilzwoz airport captured pachick at the last minute
One minute dive to save a toddler who is about to fall
The first is the safety conveyor belt.
The incident dates back to November.
23 but until recently, the footage of the child\'s potential serious fall was not played online through LiveLeak.
The video shows that the baby\'s father put the child down after cleaning up the x-at the airport
Optical machines and metal detectors.
When the child began to move forward and eventually fell off the edge, the father put on his jacket.
In the lower left corner-
Baozeke plays volleyball at the corner of the hand-
I like diving and catching children.
\"I noticed that the child was sitting at the table and looked a bit unbalanced, and then he started to fall forward,\" Paczek said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph . \".
\"I was standing four to five metres away and I realized that I had no chance to stop him from falling, so I stretched out my arms and plowed along the ground.
This is an instinctive reaction.
\"The baby was crying but not injured and then passed on to the mother who entered from the left side of the screen.
Airport officials say Paczek\'s efforts are an example of security guards going beyond the norm of reminding passengers to carry no more than a few ounces of liquid with them --ons.
\"It also shows that airport staff should not only check if someone is carrying dangerous goods, but also care about the well --
As a passenger, \"said Cezary Orzech, according to Fox News.
According to the Daily Mail, airport officials gave Paczek a salary bonus to prove that nothing good was ignored.
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