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girls trip! hillary clinton takes private jet for sight seeing tour and stay with maharaja friend in india - after claiming trump won because his voters \'don\'t like black people\' and \'told their wives not to vote for her\'

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
Hillary Clinton is enjoying a girl trip to India with Huma Abedin and other friends-although she is venting the political map of her campaign failure-and she is partly attributed to Trump from those \"just like black people \"get the same rights
Clinton visited the ancient city of Kathmandu and other cultural attractions and did not stop herself from choosing the most recent history, such as her 2016 defeat to President Trump, and claimed that she had won the \"optimistic\" country.
In a speech to India-sponsored trade secrets conference in Mumbai today, Clinton described her failed election map and noted that \"there is so much red in the middle of Trump\'s victory.
In an interview with Indian business leaders, she said, \"I won the coast and won places like Illinois and Minnesota . \"
Then she came up with a new indicator.
But what is not shown on the map is that I won the place that represents two --
That is thirty times the gross domestic product of the United States, she said.
Scroll down the video so I have won the place to be optimistic, diverse, dynamic and moving forward.
Clinton said his entire campaign to \"make America great again\" was a step back.
\"You know, you don\'t like black people getting rights,\" she continued.
\"You don\'t like women getting jobs, you don\'t want to see Indians being more successful than you-I\'ll solve whatever your problem is,\" she said . \" Features of Trump
\"So it\'s a symptom, but it\'s also a reason, because there are people running for the presidency and publishing these ideas, and she said that he\'s very exclusive of the story of the United States and our values, and that\'s the root cause.
It\'s not all work and play for the former first lady and New York senator.
On Monday, Clinton was photographed visiting the ruins of the sindora Taj Mahal monument, part of the abandoned palace complex in Kathmandu, India\'s central state.
In the bright sun, Clinton, Abedin and an unidentified blonde woman wore hats.
Hillary also wore an Indian.
A pair of Birkenstock sandals.
She visited Maheshwar at the invitation of Holka, a descendant of the Kingdom of Holka.
According to state television, she arrived by private plane.
Holka was raised in the United States by a mother. S.
He studied at Stanford University and traveled around the world, living in France, India and the United States. S.
And strive to repair an 18th-century fortress on the land of his ancestors.
Clinton finished her visit after speaking in Mumbai last weekend.
She was also photographed with Bollywood actress caprisma Kapoor and Kalina Kapoor Khan.
She shopped at the flagship store of Indian designer payal Khandwala and was also photographed with her.
According to the Hindustan Times, Clinton
Kurta with asymmetric hem.
Husband Bill Clinton missed a sunny visit and a weekend speech.
The trip also meant that Huma helped his son Jordan at home because his father, Anthony Weiner, was in prison and was unable to run at school.
In the Q & A section of her discussion, Clinton was asked about the infamous \"Billy Bush\" tape and her failure to do better in white women.
Democrats came back to my husband, even before, but just recently, back to Bill and our candidate, then President Obama, who has lost white votes including white women.
Clinton said we don\'t get along well with white men, and we don\'t get along well with married white women.
Part of this is a recognition of the Republican Party, and a constant pressure on your husband, your boss, your son, whoever thinks you should vote, she continued.
What happened in my election was that I was on the road to winning white women until former FBI Director Jim Comey gave up on this --
Letter October.
The 28 th and my number just dropped . . . . . . All of a sudden, the white women who were going to vote for me, and frankly, the men in their lives and the men in the workplace were told, \"she\'s going to jail and you don\'t want to vote for her.
It will be bad that you can\'t vote for it.
\"It stopped my momentum and reduced my vote.
\"I won because I was ahead and I thought I had fought back,\" she concluded . \".
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