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\'ghost gun\' regulations pushed in california bill

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
Sacramento, California(AP)—
This \"ghost gun\", which can be assembled at home through metal detectors without security, is in California and elsewhere to stimulate people\'s efforts to free these weapons and their owners from the shadows.
On Monday, a state councillor proposed legislation on any of the 3-
D printer at home
Bill of the state of Sen.
Kevin de Leon will also apply to anyone who buys parts that can be assembled into guns.
This is part of a growing national effort.
Stop the spread of these undetectable guns.
De Leon said he was trying to address the double threat posed by what he called a \"ghost gun --
Plastic guns can avoid metal detectors and unregistered weapons that may fall into the hands of people who have guns banned by national law.
\"At the moment, no one knows about the existence of the crimes before they happen,\" said de Leon, the main candidate to take over as Senate leader next year.
This is the case with John Zawahri, who formed his own army --
Style assault rifles, in an atrocity in June, killed five people in Santa Monica, although he was banned from legally buying guns in California due to mental health problems.
The bill from Los Angeles Democrat De Leon went further than the federal government, and last month the ban was extended for 10 years to ban plastic guns from passing metal detectors and X-ray machines.
His bill SB 808 allows the manufacture or assembly of homemade weapons, but requires the manufacturer to first apply to the State Department for a serial number that will only be given after the applicant has accepted a background check.
The figure must be engraved or otherwise permanently attached to the weapon within one day after it has been manufactured.
He plans to amend the bill to require the guns to contain X-
Ray machines and metal detectors, the proposal was blocked in federal legislation.
Some plastic guns are currently in compliance with federal law, including a metal sheet that can be removed, which may allow them to go through security checks at airports, courts, schools and elsewhere.
The National Rifle Association does not object to 10-
The federal ban on plastic guns was extended for one year.
But spokesman Catherine Mortensen said the group opposes expanding the law at the federal or state level.
Currently available technology allows consumers to download design plans for guns to computers and then build them on three computers
Size printer without background check or other safeguards.
Lawmakers in New Jersey and New York have come up with legislation banning the use of 3-
Jon Griffin, a policy expert at the national legislature, said.
However, while federal lawmakers and some state lawmakers have discussed trying to limit the release of weapons programs on the Internet, Griffin says he is not aware that such legislation is being introduced, he said, this legislation may be protected by freedom of expression.
Nick Wilcox, who represents Brady\'s Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said the De Leon bill was particularly important because it was as of January.
1. People who buy rifles and shotguns in California need to receive the same registration and background checks as those who buy pistols.
California is the only cross.
Check five computer databases to find out who buys guns but is not allowed to own them.
Brian Michael Jenkins, who once served on the White House aviation safety and security committee and was also an adviser to the National Terrorism Committee, spoke to the new three-
If it is simply because it is simpler and cheaper to buy a traditional pistol, the size printing technology will result in a large number of undetectable weapons.
In addition, the new airport body scanner and X-
Even if the gun is made of plastic, the shooting machine can see its outline.
However, proposals such as De Leon are valuable because they provide another tool for law enforcement, says Jenkins, senior advisor to Rand\'s presidentthink tank.
The d\'león bill will impose a fine of up to $1,000 on offences against the law, and one year\'s imprisonment for illegal pistols and six months imprisonment for rifles or shotguns.
\"When we come up with new technology, it creates new holes,\" Jenkins said . \" He has written a lot about terrorism. related issues.
\"So, what you have is a constant dynamic between the bad and the good.
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