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gaddafi: west trying to seize libya\'s oil

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Benghazi-the United States continues to consider
The rebels fought Libyan forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and flew over Libya.
In an interview broadcast on French LCI television on Wednesday, Gaddafi accused Western countries, especially France, of plotting to \"colonize\" his oil --rich nation.
Also on Wednesday, Gaddafi warned in an interview with Turkish public television that the Libyan would fight if not allowed
The \"flight zone\" was imposed by Western countries, which they said would show that their real intention was to seize oil from the country.
\"The Libyan will take up their weapons and fight,\" he said . \"
Gaddafi also warned that if
Al-Qaida extremists will have the upper hand in his country, and the whole region bordering Israel will be in chaos.
Meanwhile, state television broadcast some interviews with soldiers joining various fronts.
Gaddafi\'s supporters, many of whom have expressed strong motivation to eradicate the rebels, have traveled mainly to the rathanouf area, and they plan to continue their trips to Ajdabiya and Benghazi.
They seem to have rifles and machine guns.
Rebels in Benghazi (
Photo: Tsur Shezaf)
To give the illusion of state support for the Libyan regime, it seems that the leaders have recruited volunteers.
The rebels say they belong to pro-military tanks.
Gaddafi forces are approaching the rebels.
Wednesday morning was held in the main square of the western city of zawye.
\"We can see tanks.
Tanks are everywhere, \"he told Reuters by phone in the city.
In addition, it is reported that an unmanned aircraft sent by the United States has been hovering around Las Lanuf for the past few days, apparently providing front-line intelligence to the government.
The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the United States and its NATO allies are weighing the legitimacy of the implementation of the disapproval.
Fly over Libya without the support of the United Nations.
S. And European officials were quoted.
Officials told the paper that since the UN mandate is still far from certain, countries considering some form of military intervention-the United States, Britain, France and Italy-are looking for alternative international support.
Officials said international support could come from regional groups such as the Arab League, the African Union or the European Union. The Post said NATO\'s air strikes on Serbia in 1999 were unauthorized by the United Nations.
Europe and the United States are worried about rising oil prices, which have hindered the world\'s recovery from the 2008 recession.
Meanwhile, Russia, the world\'s leading oil producer, will benefit from the turmoil in Libya, with sales up 30% so far.
The official architect of Benghazi, Professor Fich, told Ynet that all the Jews in the city had \"already left.
He added that their synagogue had also \"disappeared\" a long time ago.
Fich, 60, studied architecture in Florence for 11 years.
He hopes his training will help him rebuild the city after the revolution.
\"I want to build a museum for the crimes that Gaddafi has committed against our people,\" he said . \".
\"Gaddafi said we were a group of tribes.
Of course we are, there is nothing shameful, but a long time ago, we became a nation, we got married, we are now a nation, people are against him.
Fich added that Gaddafi \"deprived us of our freedom and drove us away in fear-not even one family in Libya has lost a family member-and he has killed many of us.
No one can live without freedom.
Despite the difficulties, the professor is optimistic.
\"You know the Turks left here on 1911 and then (Libya)
Moved to Italy.
The whole 100 passed and it returned to the free people of Libya.
\"We can manage, we have culture, we are educated, we are rich,\" he said . \" He is referring to the huge oil supply in Libya.
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