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full-body scanners to arrive at newark airport next month

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
The body scanner, a controversial imaging technology that can almost show nude photos of airline passengers, will come to Newark Liberty International Airport next month.
Susan Bell, Air director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said on Thursday that the scanner will also be installed in John F.
Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport on September.
So far, 43 airports across the country have been equipped with this technology, which aims to enhance the security of airport checkpoints by providing clear images of scanned passengers.
These machines are considered to be more effective in protecting the national sky than the metal detectors that have been in use so far, as they allow security inspectors to even detect non-
Metal weapons or explosives
The terrorists may be hiding in their clothes.
Previous reports from Newark Liberty International Airport the security breach at Newark Airport has led to calls for increased security
New gas Plaza at Newark Airport offers passenger pick-up
Rutgers University students who caused a security breach at Newark Airport completed community services. J. • U. S.
According to the report, 16 people linked to the terrorist plot were not found through airport security.
The combined merger could make Newark Airport even busier. The Transportation Safety Administration said the scanner would be shipped across the country as part of 450 batches of products by the end of this year.
It is not clear how many machines will be installed in Newark.
The scanner will be installed according to TSA\'s policy of screening each passenger, not just sampling or selecting groups that are suitable for personal data.
Like at other airports, passengers can submit the complete-body pat-
Through a standard metal detector.
At, Homeland Security Minister Janet natantano announced a list of 11 airports, which will be the first airport to receive the full listbody scanners.
It does not include any of the three airports in the area.
LaGuardia Airport was included in the list of 20 other airports announced by May, while Kennedy was included in the list of 18 other airports announced last month by natantano, who said at the time, more airports will be named soon.
Anatomical accurate images generated by the scanner
Especially x
Ray backscattered machine to Newark
It\'s just one of the reasons why the scanner is controversial.
Washington, D. C. C. -
EPIC-based Electronic Privacy Information Center has sued the Department of Homeland Security for stopping the use of the technology, charging the equivalent of a virtual strip search of passengers, in violation of the Constitution\'s protection of unreasonable searches. The x-
Because they exposed the scanned passengers to radiation, the ray machine also raised health issues.
While the doses of the Food and Drug Administration and other agencies meet federal standards --
TSA says this is equivalent to two minutes on a passenger plane at cruising altitude --
Some researchers say the number of passengers
The annual travel of Americans means that even insignificant risks have real consequences.
\"This is 0. 8 billion screenings a year,\" said David J . \"
Brenner, director of radiation Research Center, Columbia University.
\"If you multiply this risk by 0. 8 billion, then you have a population problem.
\"Brenner are those who only advocate the use of so-
TSA\'s use at some airports, known as millimeter wave scanners, does not expose scanned passengers to radiation.
TSA spokesman Ann Davis reiterated the agency\'s position that x-
The Ray scanner is safe.
She said the agency addresses privacy issues by locating security inspectors and monitors they use to view scanned images away from the public.
Davis says passengers can choose to Pat if they still don\'t want to be scanned
Metal detectors.
The scanner may also require additional screening time, especially when TSA staff and the flying public are used to new machines.
Baer briefly discussed the scanner after today\'s Port Authority board meeting, acknowledging that when the scanner is implemented, it is possible for the checkpoint to have a longer \"possible\" wait time.
But, for TSA, it\'s a problem that needs to be addressed, she said.
Davis said that the actual screening time is 5 to 7 seconds, and there is also a short wait time when a projector looks at the scanned image.
It should take 20 seconds for the whole process, she said.
Relevant videos but the actual screening time varies, in some cases it takes more than a minute for each passenger, which may be a considerable amount when hundreds of passengers line up waiting to reach the gate
David stanpur, spokesman for the air travellers Association, a passenger advocacy group, said that despite all kinds of concerns, the organization supports fullbody scanning.
\"It does take longer, and that\'s no doubt,\" said Stempler . \".
\"This is the fact of life that passengers have to face now, and we will support it if it provides passengers with a safer system.
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